A couple of days ago Pitchfork Senior Editor and overall badass, Jessica Hopper, took to her own twitter account to ask women and marginalized people about their first encounters in the music industry where they were made to feel insignificant.

Journalists, musicians, fans, photographers, producers, DJ’s, engineers, record labels all had something to say:

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The list of stories is long and depressing—in a way that makes you ask yourself “Why are we still putting up with this?” while simultaneously feeling empowered by the women who continue to work and fight hard in hopes of a better future. Even La Sera and former Kill Rock Stars VP, Maggie Vail, chimed in:


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To us the shock value isn’t in how many women responded with their own stories, rather the reminder that every woman in the music industry experiences some kind of marginalization at least once in their career, still. Jessica Hopper herself adds a few stories and questions of her own throughout the thread:

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Despite the depressing thread of stories here, we find solace in the fact that someone who asks questions like these is adding a voice to one of the most visited online publications for music news and that women are no longer embarrassed or scared to share their own stories. The Coathangers put things in perspective today when they tagged us in this photo:


In case you had any doubts about sexism being alive and well in 2015.