Infinity Crush is an acoustic/lo fi project led by guitarist/poet Caroline White. Following a series of solo demos, her upcoming release Warmth Equation is the first Infinity Crush release in three years, and the first to feature additional musicians guitarist/keyboardist Derrick Brandon and keyboardist/vocalist Sam Ray. Written and recorded over two years, during which White was confronted by the sudden passing of her father, the album is a collection of songs that deal with working through grief, heartache, and loss, and finding the small moments of joy during the process.

While the record encapsulates various emotions, including an optimism that things will start to feel better with time, “Wipe Down,” is the most straightforward song on the subject of mourning. “It reflects a period of time that felt permanent, the era of grief where it seems like there will never be healing and you’re just stuck in this nightmare-seeming reality: waking up, remembering suddenly and violently who you and what has happened, sleeping just to cope…The grief is overwhelming and Wipe Down doesn’t fight it. It’s like when you’re sitting in your room in the evening and it’s getting darker and darker, but you don’t turn on a light, you just allow yourself to sit in the darkness,” White says.

These feelings are represented both lyrically and musically, with discordant vocals and otherworldly keys layered over the warm sounds of White’s Univox Hi-Flier guitar. “I think that discordance parallels the themes of conflicting feelings: mostly guilt, anger, depression,” she says. “I layered my vocals to sound sort of like a church choir in the background, and put keyboards within the layering so the keyboard and the vocals become indistinguishable. I think that kind of tension gives the song momentum and helps it move from place to place and keep the listener engaged.”

Despite the song’s weighty themes, the video for “Wipe Down,” is light and serene in mood. Filmed by Eric Cativo, an initial plan for a serious video was dropped in favor of a reflection of White’s life and in Maryland (she recently moved to North Carolina), in a mix of shots from her home and the picturesque surrounding countryside. Even her cat, Stinky, makes a cameo.

“I went into filming it just hoping viewers get a better sense of me and who I am, someone who is not as serious as my music might make me out to be. Authenticity isn’t necessarily a pillar of art or music by any means, but for this specific video it felt important for it to be authentic and true because of the intimate nature of the song itself.”

Watch “Wipe Down” now and preorder Warmth Equation before the album comes out on 9/30 via Joy Void Records.