Fruit & Flowers hit the ground running after forming in the summer of 2015.

Guitarist Ana Asnes Becker recalls, “it all came together in a balmy Brooklyn loft, overflowing with half-junk half-treasure.” Which is why it’s only fitting that their new video taps into the energy of the scene they are so fully immersed in. Directed by Steven Anselm and shot using both the MTA and house venue The Bronze—a staple of the community—as a backdrop, it’s clearly a love letter to Bushwick.

FxF has come a long way in less than two years. In 2016, Oh My Rockness put them on their Hardest Working Bands list. Anyone who followed their extensive spring tour, which took them to every corner of the US, wouldn’t argue against that assessment. Becker took the bold step of quitting a stable job to fully dedicate herself to the band, while bassist Caroline Yoder, guitarist Lyzi Wakefield, and drummer Jose Berrío Lesmes, shifted focus away from their many other music projects to go all-in.

The video gives us a peek into their stellar live shows, which are a lot more than a good-time punk rock party. FxF’s dead perfect vocal harmonies and guitar interplay clearly displays a band operating with a fully formed idea and a love for their respective instruments.

“Subway Surfer” features Wakefield on bass, but that duty is typically handled by Yoder. “I love my Peavey T-60 so much. I kind of happened upon it, which is how I prefer to bring most things into my life…it’s so well built, and the tone controls are rad, plus I could afford it. The sales guy said it was from the 80s, when the company had a good run. So my bass is older than me, which means it’s also wiser,” Yoder says.

Becker has a similar history with her ‘65 Holiday Bobkat. “It’s the first guitar I ever bought for myself. I had been playing my dad’s hand-me-downs. Their sentimental value is off-the-charts, so I was worried about damaging them at our shows. I went to buy a vintage guitar with a thin neck, because my hands are so small. The Bobkat has a neck like a baseball bat, but when we met we just made friends and that was that. We make it work. Also, the gold foil pickups are dreamy. With my trusty (Analogman modded) Boss Super Overdrive they sound warm and bright, like a crackly fire.”

Wakefield chooses between two Fenders. “The guitar I use affects my overall mood on stage and the moves I will pull. I’ll be more gentle with the Strat than the Tele.” As primarily the rhythm guitarist in the band, lately she’s been exploring new ways to lay sonic foundations. “It’s really beautiful to use my Catalinbread Talisman Reverb and Empress Tape Delay together, turning the ‘”time’” button on the later almost fully right. It creates a loop effect, with the patterns and noise changing gradually, rather than being locked in.”

 That works well with the band’s psychier side, but FxF also mines genres ranging from 50s pop to hardcore. “Subway Surfer” is a straight up punk stomper. Check it out below and keep up with the band here