Eros and the Eschaton was formed by Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins in North Carolina in 2012.

Their early, bedroom-recorded shoegaze-pop quickly spawned two singles, which in turn caught the attention of Bar/None Records, who released their debut album, Home Address for Civil War, the following year.

A lot has changed for Eros and the Eschaton since then. After extensive touring, the band decided to make a new home in Colorado Springs, where they expanded into a five-piece and released a new album, Weight of Matter, last summer.

The lead single on the album, “Rxx,” is a lighthearted rock tune that takes the listener down nostalgia lane, as Perdoni daydreams about what it would have been like to live through defining moments in rock ‘n’ roll from the 60s-90s.

The video for the track was directed by Sarah Hanssen and filmed at Bar/None’s studio in Hoboken, New Jersey. “The song is pretty high-spirited. When it came to imagery, we knew we wanted to do something that was playful but defiant, nothing that was a direct illustration of the lyrics, but still got at the heart of the song’s nostalgic sentiment.” Hanssen says.

To achieve that, the video shows Perdoni patiently enduring several on-screen “makeovers” and wardrobe changes inspired by different eras in rock from flower child to grunge, while the band waits, only to channel the spirits of the musicians who came before them in their performances. The end result looks like a rad basement costume party that’s only getting started.

Check out the video for “Rxx” now. Weight of Matter is available now through Bar/None.