Paris-based indie singer-songwriter Pamela Hute spent years leading a band called The Mashed Potatoes before embarking on a solo career in the mid 2000s. Since then, she’s released two albums, including the 2013 LP, Bandit that was produced by John Agnello (Cyndi Lauper, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth), who has referred to her as the “queen of the pop hook.”

A new album, Highline, is slated for release in early 2017, but in the meantime, Hute released her “Today” EP last month on her own label, My Dear Recordings. Though only four tracks, the EP covers a variety of moods from upbeat (“All I Say”), to melancholic mournful (“Gunshot”). Somewhere in between, lies the horror-inspired “Banshees,” a track that Hute has such a fondness for that it not only made the cut for the EP, but it will be included on Highline as well. “There is something almost tribal about the rhythmic hook of the verses and it’s great to play live,” she says.

Unlike the majority of her music, “Banshees” was written in collaboration, with her friend Delphine (a.k.a. Barbara Wolf), who will play bass and backing vocals on Hute’s upcoming album. “We spent three days isolated in the country figuring out the song and joking about ghosts and zombies as Delphine was watching episodes of The Walking Dead at night,” Hute says. “The atmosphere was eerie, but in a mellow-kind of way, and this is how I came up with the lyrics and played with the character of the banshee. It’s a special song, it’s different from all the stuff I made so far, I don’t know why. Maybe because of the unusual writing process.”

The video for “Banshees” was shot last March at La Fourmi in Limoges, France and features the most recent version of Hute’s band, which she recently expanded from a trio to a four-piece. “When I introduced the new lineup—there was a desire for a general change of course—but my aim was also to create a new energy around the songs.”

Bringing that new energy are drummer Ernie Lo, a longtime collaborator who Hute describes as a “brother,” as well as guitarist/vocalist Pierre Duval and bassist Eva Tribolles. “For the two newcomers, I believe I was super lucky to have them involved. After a while, and a little experience in bands, you know when things work instantly. [That] was the case with them. They are amazing musicians and give so much to the songs. I’m really happy on stage with them. When I sing and hear the backing vocals building up behind, it’s something magical. It may sound cheesy but it’s just how it is, it’s really the best band I ever had. It’s like a family. A pretty new one, but still….”

Check out “Banshees” below. “Today” is available for purchase now.