Brooklyn lo-fi rock trio Scully has its origins at UC Berkeley where members Caroline Partamian (guitar/vocals), Courtney Gray (guitar/vocals), Lauren Stern (bass/vocals) met and formed garage/punk band The Splinters with drummer Ashley Thomas.

Eventually, the three string players gravitated towards the East Coast, and soon regrouped as Scully with friend Burgers Rama on drums. Following a couple of split singles/cassettes, Scully’s released their debut EP, “No Sense,” on Fire Talk Records / Burger Records in August. Recorded with Ben Greenberg (The Men, Uniform) and mastered by Oliver Ackermann (Death by Audio, A Place to Bury Strangers), the record shows a merging of California jangly surf and psych with newfound urban grit.

“Being in New York with each other is a game changer,” says Partamian. “We’ve always firmly believed that the city you live in is no more than the people in it. Having each other in our lives and experiencing the ebbs and flows of NYC together has made a deep impact on our approaches to life and songwriting. When we were doing Splinters, none of us had really played in bands together, and it started as a bedroom project with toy instruments that developed into something we never expected.”

True to their DIY aesthetics, Scully conceptualized, directed, and edited the music video for the album’s title track themselves using Photobooth and iPhones at Partamian and Gray’s apartment. According to Partamian, the song itself is “about limited vision and a situation not making sense,” and the video seems to take those themes to heart. Between television static and eerie, first-person perspectives of walking through rooms, it mostly consists of shots of each band member sitting in a huge wicker chair (“they’re regal, but also creepy” says Partamian) under low, red/pink lighting that recalls MTV Real World-style “confessional” rooms. “We wanted to explore our DIY aesthetic through the lens of campy horror and voyeuristic tropes, one of our shared visual pleasures. Everything was shot on iphones or in photobooth in our apartments as an experiment pushing the visual representation of the DIY spirit behind our music,” Stern says.

“We wanted to do the video ourselves with what we had available to use. It was really fun, especially combing each other’s hair creepily and telling each other to make love to yourself on Photobooth,” says Partamian.

Watch “No Sense” below. The EP is available for purchase here.