Tabah is a five-piece band from ​Minneapolis, Minnesota fronted by guitarist/vocalist Cecelia Erholtz (who also works in guitar repair and retail at The Podium guitar store). Comprised entirely of classically-trained musicians, the group weaves together unlikely genres including soul, post-rock, prog, folk, and funk. After making waves in their local community with their EP, “Time Will Come,” the group released its full-length debut, Symmetry Somewhere, on March 17.

Kicking off the album is “Lucid State,” a somber, post-rock track exploring ideas of time and existence, and how people experience them in a technologically-saturated world. “The lyrics for Lucid State came to mind when I was reflecting on time passing and the choice of existence,” Erholtz says. “We may all experience the elusiveness of time and the uncertainty of what’s to come, but knowing you can choose to be in the moment and exist in the present is how the lyrics began. Jeff [Ley, guitarist] had a riff that reminisced on the tech revolution and the ways we notice human distraction coinciding with screen interplay, the overwhelming balance of virtual time vs. time as is.”

Further inspiration came from keyboardist Andrew Seitz’ experiences with sleep paralysis. “Those experiences bring to light the illusions of what’s in front of you, the way our mind can take hold of reality, and time warping,” she says.

Directed by Kellen Witschen and produced by Black Feather Collective, the video for “Lucid State,” ruminates on the themes of the song against the backdrop of a Minnesota forest. “Seeing as the video has many natural elements, that of northern Minnesota surroundings, wintry forests and specifically fire. We let the animation stem from the flame creating a ‘lucid’ state of existence. After the main character sees himself running, almost for his life, through a mental forest, the video is able to bring you back to the initial state of existence and find closure within the final breath of the last scene,” Erholtz says.

Check it out below. Symmetry Somewhere is available for purchase now.