Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Robin Edwards introduced her self-contained D.I.Y. project Lisa Prank 2014. A part of the Denver punk scene, starting with her previous duo Lust-Cats of the Gutters (Burger Records), as Lisa Prank Edwards opted to play and record a set of demos alone. She posted her first set of recordings, Crush on the World, online, primarily as a way to share her new songs with friends, but the raw simplicity and lyrical depth of tracks like “Baby Let Me Write Yr Lines” turned out to suit the mixtapes of pop-punk daydreamers and heartbroken homebodies far and wide. A cassette release of the demos on That Summer Feeling followed and furthered the recordings’ unexpected reach.

Following Crush on the World, Edwards relocated to Seattle, home to other feminist-leaning bands including Tacocat, Chastity Belt, and Pony Time. In this new environment, Lisa Prank became more collaborative. Edwards appeared as a guest vocalist on local supergroup Childbirth’s “You’re Not My Real Dad,” on its 2015 debut, Women’s Rights (Suicide Squeeze) and in turn recorded her own debut LP Adult Teen (out now on Father/Daughter Records), with Tacocat’s Eric Randall producing and Tacocat/Childbirth member Bree McKenna on bass.

In the video for Adult Teen opening track “Starting Again” Edwards continues her collaborations with west coast peers. “Making this video was an excuse for me to get my genius friend Faye Orlove, who also did the Adult Teen album art, to hang out with me for many hours when I was in L.A. for a day,” Edwards says. “She dressed me up in a bunch of different outfits and we filmed in her brand new and then-empty space Junior High—which is now decorated with all sorts of beautiful things and throws amazing art events to showcase marginalized voices—and ate sandwiches, and both got really, really sick of hearing this song about my sad feelings on repeat a bunch of times.”

The numerous wardrobe changes throughout the video suit the narrative in the song’s lyrics. “This song is about starting a new phase of your life and kind of incorporating all the parts of yourself to find your own identity,” Orlove says. Edwards’ adorable puppy co-star makes sense, too—there’s something hopeful about Lisa Prank songs, even when they are about change or loss.

With Edwards’ musical backstory and Orlove’s creative vision in mind, enjoy the world premiere of their “Starting Again” music video and purchase Adult Teen here.