Peeling is the brainchild of Kiev-born, Toronto-based guitarist/vocalist Annabelle Lee.

She began writing songs for the project in 2015 before recruiting bandmates—bassist Jimmy Tony Rowlinson (Dilly Dally), guitarist Alejandro Cairncross, and drummer Denholm Whale (Odonis Odonis)from the city’s underground scene. On October 14, the group released a four-song debut EP, “Rats in Paradise,” on Buzz Records that showcases its chaotic mix of post-punk, garage, shoegaze and other musical influences while exploring themes of modern society, death, sexualty, and ultimately, conquering fear.

“Leisure Life,” the first single from “Rats in Paradise,” kicks off with a chugging bassline and a dissonant guitar line before alternating between clean harmonies and walls of fuzz. Lee describes the album single, “Leisure Life,” as “a song about consumerism, consumption, entitlement and capitalist greed.”

Peeling plays on these themes in their new music video for the song. “We recruited animator Jason Harvey to create a demented video with super fast, chaotic and abrasive imagery that looks like your worst acid trip come to life,” Lee says. To accomplish that, Harvey (who has previously collaborated with bands such as Weaves, No Joy, Mac DeMarco, and Majical Cloudz) invented a cast of creepy-looking anthropomorphic characters (including a goat man with a rather concerned expression on his face), and set them loose among fires, clouds, and a denim cutoff-clad Michaelangelo’s David, while the band members gaze on at a sea of error messages flashing on their computer screens.

Check out the video for “Leisure Life” below and kick off your weekend with a little “trip” of your own. “Rats in Paradise” is available for purchase now on Buzz Records.