Alexa Dark is an emerging talent specializing in hook-driven alt rock that nods to classic punk songwriters such as Patti Smith and Debbie Harry.

This August, Dark will release her debut EP, “Empty Drinks.” Produced by Angelo “Doc” Velasquez (The Weeknd, Christina Perri) and mixed by Patrick Kelly, the record is informed by her experiences growing up between three countries in Europe—Spain, Germany, and England—and the nature of live on the move (she now counts both London and New York has her home bases).

With its biting lyrics, apathetic mood, and crunchy guitars, the record’s title track recalls some of the best 90s alt-rock anthems. Dark describes the record’s title track as “sort of a party anthem that encapsulates the sober realization and reflection on the emptiness felt at the end of the night.” With an image-laden chorus that pokes at the superficial nature of many “party friendships,” it is instantly relatable for anyone who has ever loved nightlife.

The video for the song was filmed in London and provides a straightforward glimpse of Dark’s performance style. ”We aimed to capture the live roots from which the song and my sound in general originally grew,” she says.

Check it out now, and find out more about Dark’s upcoming release here.