The story of “Dreaming,” the latest track from Los Angeles dream-pop band Winter is a reminder for all of us to ALWAYS back up our work.

Lindsey MeijaWinter by Lindsey Meija

Written by guitarist/vocalist Samira Winter in 2013, during a song-a-day project that also yielded the material for Winter’s 2015 album, Supreme Blue Dream, the hazy, atmospheric song made it with the Brazilian-born artist on a cross-country move from Boston to Los Angeles, where it was further developed and recorded with guitarist Matt Hogan.

When Hogan’s laptop containing the finished track was stolen while the band (now a four-piece with bassist Justine Brown and drummer Garren Orr) was on the road, Winter thought they had lost the song forever. Thankfully, Hogan found a recording on a second hard drive earlier this year, and the band set about releasing the track.

In a concept developed by Samira Winter and director Kevin Kearney, the video for “Dreaming” fuses 90s nostalgia, glitter, bathtubs and beaches that Winter says “connects with [my] child self.”

Check it out below. “Dreaming” is available for purchase now.