Enter to win an amazing Third Man Records giveaway, including their exclusive Mantic Flex pedal, Sound Gadget, and Olivia Jean merch bundle!

Okay—this one’s a doozy.

If you read last week’s feature on Third Man Records, then you know about some of the awesome merch and music they’ve been releasing.

Well, now’s your chance to enter to win a whole package of Third Man Records merch, including their exclusive Black Flex Pedal by Mantic Pedals, their Sound Gadget, and an Olivia Jean Night Owl merch bundle!

The Third Man Records Giveaway includes:

Third Man Exclusive Black Flex Pedal by Mantic Pedals

Third Man Records teamed up with Mantic Pedals to create a monophonic phase-locked loop synth-fuzz effect. With its wide tonal possibilities, the Mantic Flex can go from a sweeping phase to a fluttery theremin-esque effect in the turn of a knob to create synth and fuzz driven effects that will make you’re off-the-wall guitar dreams come true.

Third Man Records Sound Gadget

Included in our Gear on a Budget holiday list, the Third Man Records Sound Gadget is hand-built by BrandNewNoise. Record a riff (or your voice), play it back, loop it into infinity, and use pitch control effects to get weird! A fun gadget for when you’re looking for easy access to experimenting without relying on a screen or confusing technology.

Olivia Jean Night Owl Merch Bundle

Olivia Jean’s second release on Third Man Records, Night Owl, is filled with rolling guitar licks, layered vocal harmonies reminiscent of ‘60s girl bands, and a mixture of surf rock and bubblegum garage to keep you moving all night long—here’s one for the night owls, for sure!

The Olivia Jean Night Owl merch bundle includes the following:

How to enter:

1. Follow @sheshredsmag + @thirdmanrecords on any/all socials
2. Tag yr real friends who care for you & want you to win
3. Enter your information below

Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! Congrats to Eugene Sabaitis for winning!