Every artist has their own way of learning and relating to music. For some it’s through classical methods such as memorizing scales and key signatures. For others, it’s through watching and then mimicking motions until muscle memory is formed. And still others rely on their ears first, plucking out melodies and chords, and exploring until they hit on the perfect notes. 

The Way is She Shreds’ monthly series celebrating the full range of approaches to learning and playing guitar. Each episode showcases artists with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives on music who will teach us how to play an original song, sharing tips and giving us a unique glimpse into their musicianship.

In our latest episode, Shana Cleveland, guitarist of LA’s surf-infused psych band La Luz and laid-back acoustic project Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles teaches us how to play “Sure as Spring” from the La Luz’s 2013 album, It’s Alive (Hardly Art).

Watch out the video and follow the TAB below for further instruction.