Just like the petals of a rose, the Eventide Rose modular delay pedal has many lush layers—but unlike the flower, the decay is filled with life.

The rose sits like an empress amongst flowers—as does the Eventide Rose pedal, amongst other digital delays. Its analog circuitry grounds your expressive experience, giving that warm modulated “bloom” that we all crave, but with all the control and flexibility of a digital delay pedal. Keeping the signal entirely analog up until the moment it hits the delay line creates an organically developed sound, full of all the mid-range information and harmonic elements that are often lost in the classic digital decay.

The lush and character-filled experience when playing through the Eventide Rose couldn’t possibly come from a DSP (digital signal processing) chip. The initial signal is born of a vibration, not a number. Next, it’s altered through analog filters and modulation, and then sent through a digital delay line resulting in more controlled bandwidth, long loops, and precision. The result is an organic analog tone with all the benefits of precise tempo control—it has a tap tempo!

Eventide achieved the watery modulation and saturation of sounds and information when pushed properly with their Rose pedal—something that is truly unique to analog delay. The modulation sweep can be set from two times to up to five times the standard delay time, and allows you to pitch up and/or down a full octave, an octave and a fifth, two octaves, or two octaves and a third… so many options!  With a chorus-like saturation without much breakage or distortion, the Eventide Rose produces a thick, saturated sound that never quite overrides itself. 

We delay seekers sometimes avoid digital when harnessing the true character and vibrations of wood, strings, air, water, and all other things tangible. A certain fullness and warmth of tone is lost once a signal is translated digitally; you literally lose bandwidth and information no matter what. Numbers fade out into blips and bleeps, and glitches and slaps happen often, losing the character and breadth of the original sound long before it had a chance to complete itself.

A lovely feature of the Eventide Rose is the ability to select your shape ladder, giving you control of the overall repeating shape of the sounds you are creating. Sow your roses in any direction you want—sweeping across the horizon, or to the moon. Burrow your tones deep into the ground before exploding into outer space in a rounded, slowly fading repeat of yourself. Each layer of sound is meticulously slathered on top of the next—ahem, much like the pedals of a rose— leaving a luscious, colorful echo in whatever size, shape, and tempo you desire. 

Not only did Eventide create the perfect hybrid delay with their Rose pedal, but they also made it fun to play, and super accessible (with diagrams and manual included)!