Bestfriend Grrlfriend is the queer punk and DJ entity featuring Naomi Violet and Shawna Shawnté. The Bay area duo play infectious pop punk melodies that make you just wanna bounce and sing along to their cutesy, relatable lyrics.

Their most recent release All Grrls Wear Crowns is a tell-all EP of their style and dynamic. You can hear their riot grrl influences straight down Shawnté’s youthful voice and sporadic singing style. Violet’s drumming complements Shawnté’s guitar riffs to produce a sound that is funky, playful and feisty in the same token.

She Shreds: What was your inspiration for All Grrls Wear Crowns?

Bestfriend Grrlfriend: The meaning of the song is that we’re born as we need to be but the world and society takes that away from us and makes people feel less than and like we need to break other people’s crowns in order to build ourselves up. The song is about talking back to all the shit in the world that tells you you aren’t good enough and tries to break you or define you. It’s about not needing other peoples or societies’ approval in order to feel good about yourself.

SS: How was your experience being on tour?

BFGF: We’ve been on three tours together, in three different bands; femteen, BFGF and Cher Horowitz. The last two really clicked because we were very intentional and we were able to play with a lot of queer, women and poc musicians. We made a choice to reject the idea that tour has to be stressful and depleting. We came up with some tips:

  1. Bring a portable blender and make smoothies at truck stops…but seriously.

  2. Daily or at least every couple of days have check-ins with one another; so that we know what others are dealing with and where they are at emotionally.

  3. Sometimes you just gotta choose to have a good time.

  4. If a rest stop, gas station, or hotel feels creepy, just keep going.

  5. If tour is longer than a week or two, make an effort to visit family and friends along the way so that there is some familiarity.

  6. Bring a tent!

What is someone most likely to expect at a live BFGF show/DJ set?

Lesbians, a good time, and pink merch. Our ideal is that it feels like a hot summer night, in a crowded room, dancing with all your best friends, and a lot of other fun cute people who just want to be nice to you. As far as DJing, more lesbians, songs that you haven’t heard in a long time but you love. Lots of heavy bass and grinding… until the sun comes up.

What advice would you tell your younger self, given everything you’ve experienced and learned up until now?

Shawnté: Don’t give a fuck, you’re perfect.

Violet: Don’t listen to other people’s standards of music (or a lot of things). What’s most important is that you like how you’re feeling when you’re doing it- listen to your gut.

BFGF leaves us with some philosophy regarding their views on self love and and positivity [and in regards to their album title] with quote from James Baldwin, ”Our crown has already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear it.”