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Nuts and Bolts: What’s in a Whammy Bar?

Nuts and Bolts: What’s in a Whammy Bar?

It’s hard to love guitar music without falling in love with the whammy. From the subtle warble of surf to  more

Nuts and Bolts 6: How do I Improve the Playability of My Guitar? Truss Rod and Action Adjustments

The latest in our Nuts and Bolts series takes a look at adjustments you can make to your guitar for  more

Nuts and Bolts 5: Choosing and Installing your Pickups

With the exception of hand-me-downs, most of us probably picked out our guitars in a similar fashion. We notice the  more

Nuts and Bolts 4: Troubleshooting and DIY Fixes for Guitar Electronics

You love your guitar, but all of a sudden it’s buzzing and driving you up the wall. Or: you have  more

Nuts and Bolts 3: How Does this Thing Work? Putting the “Electric” in Electric Guitar

The body of an electric guitar is most often made from a solid block of wood. You pluck, strum, or  more

Nuts and Bolts 2: How Do I Check My Intonation and How Do I Fix It?

Sometimes you might tune your guitar, get everything sounding perfect with the strings open and when playing close to the  more

Nuts and Bolts: Restringing Your Classical, Electric and Bass Guitars

If your guitar is sounding a little dull and lifeless, won’t stay in tune, or you can’t remember the last  more
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