The Decadence of Amelia Jackie and Her Queer Americana

The Decadence of Amelia Jackie and Her Queer Americana

Colin Hagendorf writes about their friendship with and the music of Amelia Jackie, and how she played a pivotal role  more

San Cha Debuts “Levanta Dolores,” An Ode to Telenovela Archetypes

San Cha is a queer, rancherx vision of our generation. Through layers of percussive instruments, vocal harmonies, a guitar style  more

Meet the Musicians Behind Malaysia’s Queercore Scene

In a country where discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community is pervasive, people use music and studios as safe spaces. Cepronia,  more

Metal Musician Danica Roem Becomes Virginia’s First Openly Transgender Lawmaker

Last night Democrat and metalhead Danica Roem became Virginia’s first openly transgender person—and likely its first shredders—to be elected to  more

Tegan and Sara Foundation Launched to Fight For Equality for LGBTQ Women and Girls

Indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara have announced the Tegan and Sara Foundation to support and advocate for LGBTQ girls and  more

Laura Jane Grace and Gender is Over! (If You Want It) Team Up on Giveaway to Benefit LGBT Books to Prisoners

Gender is Over! (If You Want It) and Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! are coming together to give away  more

SubRosa on Doom, Happiness, and Denouncing Anti-LGBT Policy in the Mormon Church

With their soaring, otherworldly violins contrasting with warm, sludgy guitars, and their painstakingly-crafted songs that fuse metal, rock, and folk,  more
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