The History of Murder Ballads and the Women Who Flipped the Script

The History of Murder Ballads and the Women Who Flipped the Script

Originally, murder ballads focused exclusively on homicide—and often that of women. We dig into the history of the subgenre, and  more

The Unsung History of Evi-Edna Ogholi, Nigeria’s Queen of Reggae

Evi-Edna Ogholi is often credited as Nigeria’s first woman reggae musician who permanently changed the genre’s landscape—but her story is  more

100 Historic Black Women Guitarists and Bassists You Need To Know

This year we furthered our research to name 100 black women guitarists because we believe in constantly celebrating Black and  more

Martin & Co. and a Woman’s Influence on the “First American Guitar”

From Madame de Goñi, a Spanish guitar virtuoso of the 1800s, to the skilled women behind guitar production today, we  more

A Seat at the Table: The Women in Higher Guitar Education

This article originally appeared in She Shreds Magazine Issue #17, released in April 2019. In the fall of 2018, Dr.  more

Behind the Scenes Series: Meredith Coloma

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

From Childhood To Legendary Musicians: The Millington Sisters and Fanny’s Groundbreaking Legacy

This cover story originally appeared in She Shreds Magazine Issue #17, released April 2019. You can donate toward Jean Millington’s  more

Ex Hex and Their New Work Hinges On Creativity and Trust

Ex Hex is making more than waves this year. They’re testing their own creativity with their new album. Washington D.C.  more

This Banjo-Led Album Is An Unflinching Look At Black Women’s Stories of Resistance and Hope

Released by the Smithsonian Folkways, “Songs of Our Native Daughters” is an album that explores slavery in an era of  more

Issue #17: Fanny, Sasami, Nilüfer Yanya, Ex Hex, and More

She Shreds is pleased to announce our #17 issue, featuring our exclusive cover artist: Fanny. Subscribe here now to receive She Shreds #17  more

Women’s History Month Series: Buffy Sainte-Marie

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are featuring early pioneers who disrupted narratives and gave voice to musicians around  more

Shanta Nurrullah Picked Up the Sitar in the ’60s, and Never Let It Go

Shanta Nurullah brings together the sitar, the Indian classical instrument, with jazz. She founded Sitarsys, a Spiritual Jazz ensemble, in  more

Sylvia Robinson’s Legacy as “The Mother of Hip Hop”

This article originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #16, which was released in December 2018. Looking  more

Veteran Music Journalist Honors Musicians with New Book “Women Who Rock”

Over 20 years have passed since a book was published on the history of women in rock music. Now, with  more

Behind the Scenes Series: Meet Anne Buchanan

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

St. Vincent to Produce New Sleater-Kinney Record in 2019

A pair of photos posted by Sleater-Kinney and St. Vincent this morning have been enough to get us (and the  more

This Video of Amy Winehouse Talking Guitars is Amazing

Amy Winehouse would have been 35 years old today. She Shreds celebrates her legacy by celebrating what no one else  more

6 Pioneers from Fender’s American Original Series That’ll Make You Swoon

Fender marries the best of the old and the new in their American Original Series. How many times have you  more

40 Years of Dancing: In Conversation with Renee Scroggins of ESG

This article originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #14, which was released in February, 2018. Receive a copy as your  more

The Legends: Sister O.M. Terrell

The playing methods of early Southern blues pickers and their often-visceral vocal styles were, in many ways, informed by their  more

Remembering the Music and Impact of Dolores O’Riordan

Yesterday the music world was shocked and saddened by the news that Dolores O’Riordan, front woman of The Cranberries and  more

The Legends: Poison Ivy

The Cramps rank among the most legendary bands to emerge out of the first wave of American punk. For over  more

Retracing the History of the Steel Guitar and the Shredders Who Shaped It

This feature originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #13, which was released in September, 2017. Before the downtown St. Louis  more

Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Nina Simone Will Be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced that Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Nina Simone, two pioneering women musicians  more

The Legends: Suzi Quatro

The first wave of punk musicians may deserve credit for ripping down new doors for women in rock, but Suzi  more

Lady Plays the Blues: Current and Classic Blues Guitarists You Should Know

Ask a dozen people to describe the blues and you may very well end up with a dozen different responses.  more

The Legends: Patsy Montana

In the 1930s, many country musicians doubled as western film and radio stars. These singing and yodeling cowboys and cowgirls  more

The Legends: Ida Presti

Before her untimely death at age 42, French classical guitarist and composer Ida Presti had two lengthy, influential periods in  more

40 Years of Fairytales: A Retrospective of The Raincoats

This year, the seminal British post-punk group The Raincoats, founded by bassist Gina Birch and guitarist Ana da Silva, will  more

ICYMI: She Shreds Roundup 6/19-6/23

If you missed it, don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered. Below are the highlights from our week at She  more

The Legends: Renata Tarrago

Catalan guitarist Renata Tarrago’s discography is a testament to her spot among the greats of 20th century classical music. Her  more

The Legends: Selda Bağcan

Selda Bağcan, often billed simply as Selda, is a Turkish folk guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer whose 40-plus year career  more

The Legends: Caterina Valente

In television’s “golden era” of the 1950s and 1960s, when the new medium elevated well-rounded entertainers to wide audiences, Caterina  more

The Legends: Annie Kerr

Details about Hawaiian singer and steel guitarist Annie Kerr’s career are as scarce online and in print as her once-popular  more

Premiere: “What a Way to See the Old Girl Go,” by Dead Moon

Few bands have been more inspiring and influential to DIY rock and punk culture than Dead Moon. Dead Moon formed  more

The Legends: Peggy Seeger

For over 60 years, folk artist Peggy Seeger has provided a voice for the politically underserved on both sides of  more

Lucinda Williams On the Hard and Sedulous Road to Major Label Success

[This feature originally appeared in the eleventh issue of She Shreds, published in November, 2016. Subscribe here and receive your  more

The Legends: Carol MacDonald

Before the Pleasure Seekers launched Suzi Quatro’s career and the Runaways inspired generations of punk and metal musicians, Goldie and  more

“Queen of Tone” Abigail Ybarra Talks Fender History and 57 Years of Pickup Winding

The longest working Fender employee isn’t who you might think—she’s a pickup winder, Latina, and one of three sisters raised  more

The Legends: Carline Ray

Throughout her 67-year career, jazz vocalist, guitarist, and bassist Carline Ray remained a creative force in an often male-dominated genre.  more

The Legends: Memphis Minnie

While pioneering vocalist Ma Rainey was dubbed the “Mother of the Blues,” and helped spark the genre’s commercial spread in  more

10 Women Luthiers You Should Know

While there may not be as many women luthiers in the guitar industry as there are men, their numbers are  more

Help Jessi Zazu of Those Darlins Fight Cancer

After nearly a decade together, Nashville’s Those Darlins parted ways earlier this year. About a week after the band finished  more

The Legends: An Interview with Rosie Flores

Rosie Flores is shifting gears, trying something new, and going back to her roots all at once on her upcoming  more

The Legends: Mary Ford

Multi-talented guitarist, singer, and actress Mary Ford has a shared, yet often unsung, musical legacy alongside her longtime partner in  more

The Legends: Violeta Parra

Chilean singer and guitarist Violeta Parra (Oct. 4, 1917- Feb. 5, 1967) was a politically-minded performer dedicated to discovering and  more

Joan Baez is the Only Woman Guitarist Among the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

Each year, a number of artists are nominated for induction at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Yesterday, the  more

Le Tigre Reunites!

Today in a conversation with Perfect Pussy frontwoman Meredith Graves for the Talkhouse Music Blog, Kathleen Hanna announced that Le  more

Four Early Punk Icons and Their Gear

In punk music, a disregard for what is considered the mainstream “cool” gear of the day (Les Pauls, Marshalls, etc)  more

Laura Ballance: Merge Records CEO, Superchunk Bassist and #1 Badass

Laura Ballance and I both used the word “badass” during our interview—”I say that a lot,” she mentioned, right before  more

Kalamazoo Gals: The Secret Behind Gibson’s WWII Guitars

[This feature was originally published in the ninth issue of She Shreds Magazine, November 2015 and has been edited for  more

Meet the Luthier Who Built a Harp Guitar with 42 Strings, Two Sound Holes, and Four Necks

Linda Manzer is an unusual luthier. She builds about 10 guitars a year for exceptional musicians across the genre spectrum:  more

Reverend Guitars Tell Us About the Making of the Jenn Wasner Signature Guitar

Last week, Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak and Reverend Guitars announced the release of the Jenn Wasner Signature Guitar. We  more

50 Influential Guitarists Who Shaped The ’90s

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

She Shreds Remembers Prince

Few times in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll have there been musicians who have defined new musical landscapes by  more

“You are who you are, and I never let go of that fact” An Interview with Lita Ford

About halfway through my call with hard rock icon Lita Ford, she asks me what the deal is with the  more

Ten Years Later, Desperation Evolves Into a Contagious Confidence for The Coathangers

After a long, successful tour with The Black Lips, Atlanta punk rockers The Coathangers headed to California on a whim  more

“I’m Not a Musician”: An Interview with Kim Gordon

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

Playlist: Artists Share Their Favorite PJ Harvey Songs

The word “icon” gets thrown around a lot in the music world, but few artists of our time warrant the  more

The Story of Maybelle Carter + “Wildwood Flower” Tabs

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

Dolly Parton Announces Summer Tour and Double Album

This week the legendary musician, songwriter, and philanthropist Dolly Parton announced that this summer she will kick off a full  more

Activist and Guitarist / Singer of Poison Girls, Vi Subversa Dies at 80

Last night Vi Subversa co-founder of the groundbreaking British anarcho-punk band, Poison Girls, passed away peacefully following a short illness according  more

Rule #1 Is You’re Not Invited: An Interview with Fran Blanche of Frantone Electronics

Fran Blanche is, quite simply, a genius. In 20 years she has manufactured over 20 original Frantone pedals of sheer  more

Director Beth Harrington on How Maybelle Carter Changed Guitar History

Grammy-nominated filmmaker Beth Harrington has done it again. The former rock ‘n’ roll singer-turned-documentarian who put female rockabilly artists in  more
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