Be Your Own Manager Part Four: Copyright and Business Formation

Be Your Own Manager Part Four: Copyright and Business Formation

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she outlines the  more

The Bossa Nova Guitar of Rosinha de Valença

Brazilian guitarist Rosinha de Valença was at the forefront of bossa nova’s peak in the 1960s, leaving behind an often  more

Be Your Own Manager Part Three: The Right People and Resources

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she outlines the  more

How to Disinfect Musical Instruments During Covid-19

We spoke with luthier Nicole Alosinac about how to disinfect musical instruments, the most common methods, and how they could  more

Audioscopes for Aries Season 2020: The Fight Has Only Just Begun

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Aries Season 2020 to find out what  more

Spain’s Cuarentena Fest: ‘Don’t Let The Music Stop’

Cuarentena Fest, a 12-day virtual event happening through March 27, gathers musicians in Spain to perform during the country’s COVID-19  more

Record Labels and Music Platforms Offer Discounts During COVID-19

Tons of record labels and music platforms are offering discounts during COVID-19 in order to support their artists. Times are…  more

Voting During COVID-19: The Need for Young Voters and How To Prepare

Voting during COVID-19 is essential, especially among young voters. Learn how to prepare yourself to get to the polls responsibly  more

The History of Murder Ballads and the Women Who Flipped the Script

Originally, murder ballads focused exclusively on homicide—and often that of women. We dig into the history of the subgenre, and  more

Supporting Musicians and Live Professionals During COVID-19

We compiled a list of resources for musicians and live music professionals during COVID-19, as well as ways fans can  more

Five Music Magazines By and For Women and Nonbinary Folks to Support

She Shreds Magazine might be ending, but there’s plenty more music magazines by and for women and nonbinary folks that  more

The Decadence of Amelia Jackie and Her Queer Americana

Colin Hagendorf writes about their friendship with and the music of Amelia Jackie, and how she played a pivotal role  more

AJ Haynes on ‘Power’ and This Week’s Reproductive Rights Hearing

This week, the Louisiana abortion clinic where AJ Haynes works is at the center of a Supreme Court case that  more

The Unsung History of Evi-Edna Ogholi, Nigeria’s Queen of Reggae

Evi-Edna Ogholi is often credited as Nigeria’s first woman reggae musician who permanently changed the genre’s landscape—but her story is  more

Audioscopes for Pisces Season 2020: Dissolving Barriers of the Heart

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Pisces Season 2020 to find out what  more

The Righteousness of Joan Armatrading

Throughout her career, the legendary Joan Armatrading has embraced a confidence that we should all be so inspired to welcome  more

100 Historic Black Women Guitarists and Bassists You Need To Know

This year we furthered our research to name 100 black women guitarists because we believe in constantly celebrating Black and  more

Be Your Own Manager Part Two: Staying Organized and Booking Gigs

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she’ll outline the basics to  more

We Are So Pleased to Announce the Winner of #1RiffADay

You voted, we listened—keep reading to find out who the winner of our #1RiffADay challenge is! Let’s be real—every single  more

The Feel of Music with Guest Editor Adrienne Hailey

Adrienne Hailey, bassist for Sammus and 79.5, shares the importances of “the feel” of music, her pre-show rituals, and a  more

Georgia Maq Wants You To Know Who She Really Is With ‘Pleaser’

In December, Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq released her solo pop album, Pleaser, as a continuing act of being unabashedly herself.  more

Yamaha Looks Toward the Future in the Guitar Industry

Yamaha is so much more than keyboards and motorcycles. In fact, they make some of the most accessible guitars used  more

The Versatility of Loopers: Practicing Solos and Live Hacks

Loopers offers endless experimenting for both practice and live performance. We broke down some key uses with the help of  more

Representation of Women and Women of Color at The 2020 Grammy Awards

We broke down some numbers and pivotal moments from last night’s Grammy Awards to highlight the progress made and the  more

Introduction to Selling Your Gear on Reverb: Part Two

In this two-part series, we layout the basics on selling gear you no longer use, and how it can pay  more

Be Your Own Manager Part One: Why Self-Management?

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she’ll outline the  more

Brandee Younger: Paying Homage to the Jazz Harpist Greats

Brandee Younger is bringing the harp to new levels, following in the footsteps of her heroes: Alice Coltrane and Dorothy  more

Shredding Southpaw: A Conversation with Left-Handed Musicians

We spoke with left-handed musicians Kathy Foster, Shamir, Madeline McCormack, and Cat Park about the unusual challenges and perks of  more

Yousician Puts Learning Music In Your Hands, On Your Time

Yousician aims at making “musicality as common as literacy” with an affordable app designed for all skills levels, that can  more

She Shreds Best of 2019: Our Most Popular Articles of the Year

We created a She Shreds Best of 2019 list that includes our 10 most popular articles of the year as  more

December Staff Picks: What We’re Loving This Month

On the last week of every month, She Shreds shares our staff favorites of what we’ve been grooving on lately.  more

‘Punk Has Always Been Black’: Vishinna Turner Creates Through Trauma

Bassist Vishinna Turner (Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries, Squid Ink) finds space in Fresno, CA and tackles deep identity  more

December 2019 Audioscopes: Expanding Your Vision

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Use our December Audioscopes to find out what the universe has  more

Third Man Records Holds Vinyl and Music Close to Its Heart

Learn more about the label and their gear, and then listen to a playlist of some of our favorite Third  more

She Shreds Winter 2019 Merch Collection Has Arrived, and We Think You’re Going to Love It

The She Shreds Winter 2019 merch (and video) is here! For those who shred, and those who support shredding, we’ve  more

Artists and Organizations They Support, and Where You Can Donate This Giving Tuesday

We compiled a list of artists we love, the organizations they support, and where you also might like to donate  more

The Guitarist’s Manicure: Your Guide to Playing a Set with a Full Set

Sadie Dupuis offers up the benefits of the guitarist’s manicure and how to get your nails in shape for both  more

She Shreds Issue #19: Charo, Tegan & Sara, Dueto Dos Rosas, and More!

She Shreds is pleased to announce our #19 issue, featuring two exclusive cover artists Charo and Tegan & Sara. You  more

Not-So-Tiny Engines: The Growth of a Small Label, the Mistakes Made, and the Effect on Bands

As small music labels like Tiny Engines grow, bands should see that growth, too. But if that’s not the case,  more

November Audioscopes: Reclaiming What’s Yours This Scorpio Season

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Use our November Audioscopes to find out what the universe has  more

Vivian Girls Push Their Bruises On New Album, Memory

More tenacious than ever, Vivian Girls re-emerge after five years with their fourth studio album, Memory, released today on Polyvinyl.  more

Video Feature: Lina Tullgren Offers Intimacy to the Alienated

Through sailing guitars and strings filled with reverb, chorus, and a sense of lonesomeness, Lina Tullgren puts forward their isolation  more

Malian Musician Fatoumata Diawara Defends Her Truth

Fatoumata Diawara opens up about Wassoulou culture, experimenting with electric sounds, and her Grammy-nominated album, Fenfo. This interview originally appeared  more

Opening the Door to Sync Licensing with Marmoset

Marmoset’s Music Licensing Creative, Michelle Goldstein, explains why sync licensing is beneficial to a musician’s career and income. The life  more

She Shreds Issue #18: Yuna, Adrianne Lenker, Cate Le Bon, Bedouine, and More

She Shreds is pleased to announce our #18 issue, featuring exclusive cover artist: Yuna. Subscribe here now to receive She Shreds #18 as your first  more

She Shreds Staff Favorites

Some of our staff favorites that we’re loving this month. On the last Friday of every month, She Shreds will  more

The Regrettes Prescribe a Remedy for the Affliction of Love

On The Regrettes upcoming release, How Do You Love?, the power-pop quartet takes listeners on a journey through matters of  more

Kallemi Manifests Intersectionality with Music Rooted in Palestine, Switzerland, and the Dominican Republic

If the idea of a long-distance relationship seems difficult, try doing as Kallemi does—maintaining an international band with four members  more

Behind the Scenes Series: Afra Khan

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

Scene Report: Calgary

This article originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #17, released in April 2019. Calgary, located in the Alberta province of  more

USE THE MIC: Speaking Up About Plastic Waste Reduction

This article originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #17, which was released in April 2019. When Ana Perrote, the guitarist and  more

IN THE PINK: Leila Sidi and TunaTone Guitars

This piece originally appeared as an article in Issue 17 of She Shreds Magazine which was released in April 2019.  more

From Childhood To Legendary Musicians: The Millington Sisters and Fanny’s Groundbreaking Legacy

This cover story originally appeared in She Shreds Magazine Issue #17, released April 2019. You can donate toward Jean Millington’s  more

Tawiah Tests Her Limits

Tawiah talks going back to the basics, visiting her motherland and her favorite gear. This article originally appears in the  more

Touring Parents Balance A Career, Negotiate Environments And Rely on Community

The first thing Laura Jane Grace, founder and frontwoman of Against Me! and solo project Laura Jane Grace & The  more

Personal Essay: How Juggling Hamilton and My Album Reinvigorated My Passion

I’m gonna be very candid, at the risk of sounding like an ungrateful douche. When I got the call telling  more

This Banjo-Led Album Is An Unflinching Look At Black Women’s Stories of Resistance and Hope

Released by the Smithsonian Folkways, “Songs of Our Native Daughters” is an album that explores slavery in an era of  more

10 Artists to Watch for at Brighton’s The Great Escape

The Great Escape is coming, so be prepared on the rad music you’re about to hear. We got you though,  more

Meet the Musicians Behind Malaysia’s Queercore Scene

In a country where discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community is pervasive, people use music and studios as safe spaces. Cepronia,  more

Behind the Scenes Series: The Archivist

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

Being Unapologetically Francesca Simone

This interview of Francesca Simone originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #16, which was released in  more

Behind the Scenes Series: Meet Anne Buchanan

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

St. Vincent to Produce New Sleater-Kinney Record in 2019

A pair of photos posted by Sleater-Kinney and St. Vincent this morning have been enough to get us (and the  more

Eliza Shaddad, The Sudanese-Scottish Folk Musician On The Go

Meet Eliza Shaddad, the philosophy student-turned folk balladist. When Eliza Shaddad isn’t writing or playing at music gigs, she’s camping,  more

Meet Melanie Faye: The Viral R&B Guitarist Turned Guitar Hero

This article originally appeared as the cover story of She Shreds Issue #14, which was released in February, 2018. With  more

40 Years of Dancing: In Conversation with Renee Scroggins of ESG

This article originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #14, which was released in February, 2018. Receive a copy as your  more

The Empowerment, Unity, and Traditions Behind Flor de Toloache’s Mariachi Fusion

The members of mariachi band Flor de Toloache are most definitely more than “Las Caras Lindas,” or “the pretty faces,”  more

Issue #12 Out Now: Hurray for the Riff Raff, Cherry Glazerr, the Raincoats and More

She Shreds is pleased to announce the 12th issue of our magazine including our cover story on Hurray for the  more

How Les Filles de Illighadad is Revolutionizing Traditional Tuareg Music

[This feature was originally published in the eleventh issue of She Shreds Magazine, November 2016 and has been edited for  more

Elastica Has Returned to the Studio

After not seeing each other for nearly two decades, the members of Elastica have entered the studio once again. Another  more

Dia De Muertos: Honoring the Lives of 4 Musicians Who Passed in 2016

In honor of the Dia De Muertos—a tradition that originated in the Southern region of Mexico more than 2,000 years  more

Kaki King’s Other Cathedrals Blends Inclusivity with Education and Performance

In 2007, Kaki King was the only woman to place on Rolling Stone’s list of new guitar gods. Her presence  more

Gear, Mood and Intention: Q+A with Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg

In the span of a 12-year career, you might expect a band to experience turmoil, triumph, shape shifting, experimenting, questioning—a  more

Explode Into Colors Reunite to Benefit All Ages Music Spaces

In May, Los Angeles DIY venue The Smell posted a photo of a notice that the iconic space was set  more

Issue #11: Brittany Howard as Cover Artist + Angel Olsen, Lucinda Williams & More

She Shreds is thrilled to announce the release of our 11th issue, featuring our cover story on guitarist, singer and  more

Gear Guide: Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Shares Her Love of Guitars and Favorite Gear

For out latest Gear Guide, we spoke with none other than Against Me! frontwoman and She Shreds Issue 9 cover  more

Brooklyn Lutherie: Restoring Accessibility in Gear Repair

Mamie Minch and Chloe Swantner knew they were taking a leap of faith going into business after working together for  more

Cover Story: The Philosophy and Tools of Esperanza Spalding’s D+Evolution”

[This feature is the cover story of the 10th issue of She Shreds Magazine, published in April, 2016. Subscribe here   more

Issue #10 Cover and Content Announced

She Shreds is proud to announce the release of our 10th issue, featuring our cover story with the inimitable Esperanza  more

The Women of Mariachi: Breaking Barriers in a Machismo Culture

Originating in Jalisco, Mexico via farm workers in rural areas, mariachi is now known as the music of Mexico. Much  more

Crowd Surfing with La Luz: Video and Interview

Since the 2013 debut of It’s Alive, there’s been nothing but excitement and anticipation for what La Luz will do  more

Photos and Words from Tacocat’s First European Tour Diary

After seven years of being a band, Tacocat finally went on our first European tour! “We’ve been talking about wanting  more

Hysterical Without You: Pictures and Words from a Band’s Last Show

I very rarely felt connected to the hardcore scene. The music all made sense to me, and agreed with me  more

On Tour with Genders

Back in October, Genders– Portland’s Indie-rock quartet- ventured out on their first U.S. tour as the supporting act for Built  more
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