Few times in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll have there been musicians who have defined new musical landscapes by defying boundaries.

Through experimenting with identity, aesthetic, style, sexuality, and musical genres while actively critiquing societal and gender norms, as well as the trappings of the music industry, Prince became an icon of self-expression and a symbol for progress. He was the 5’2, heel wearing, flamboyant performer who could play nearly 30 different instruments, including, of course, guitar.

In 1993, at odds with his record label Warner Bros., Prince adopted an unpronounceable symbol as his monniker that combined symbols for both male and female, essentially transcending gender, and encouraging people to explore their identity and be multi-faceted, while speaking out for artists’ rights.

In his 57 years, Prince defied the norms, produced some of the most groundbreaking music to date, and left an incredible legacy as a songwriter, performer, and artist. He also turned his fame and notoriety into a platform to support emerging artists, and particularly women musicians in a time before it was popular.

Over the decades he would nurture the talents and careers of dozens of women, some of which played alongside him in his groups The Revolution, New Power Generation, and 3rdeyegirl, and many who stepped out to success in their own projects.

Today, we pay tribute to the life and work of Prince with a list of a few of the hugely talented women that worked alongside him since the beginning of his career.

The Revolution – “Let’s Go Crazy”

New Power Generation – “Cream”

Sheila E. live with Prince – “Glamorous Life”

Vanity 6 – “Nasty Gal”

Apollonia 6– “Sex Shooter”

3rdeyegirl – “She’s Always in My Hair”