She Shreds founder and editor in chief, Fabi Reyna, moderates a panel of Gibson artists including Heart’s own Nancy Wilson at Winter NAMM 2019.

Twice a year nearly every music manufacturer that you can think of travels from all of the world to showcase their latest and greatest products, alongside new marketing tools and branding that will define them for the next 11 months. For four days straight the music industry takes the 1,600,000 square feet within the Anaheim Convention Center and turns it into a mini city that feels like you’re walking inside of a Manhattan sized Guitar Center. For gear nerds this is literal heaven and for us at She Shreds it’s more than anything a time to observe how the once “Boy’s Club” atmosphere of these trade shows has developed, shifted, and come to terms with the societal changes outside of the MI (music industry) world.

In 2019, one of the biggest strides that we’re currently aware of comes from the Gibson brand, a 116 year old company that in the same year filing for bankruptcy also restructured their executive positions—including bringing on former Levi’s President, James ‘JC’ Curleigh, as the brand’s CEO. What this means for Gibson, its fans, and the MI industry as a whole will unveil itself as the year progresses. For the time being we are thrilled to be part of what is sure to be the first of many developments towards a more diverse, inclusive, and culturally aware chapter in the Gibson brands.

Catch our founder and editor in chief—whose first guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul, by the way—moderating the Gibson panel on tone, and sound development with six amazingly talented guitarists, including Heart’s own Nancy Wilson.  

Who: Nancy Wilson, Emily Wolfe, Cam, Lari Basilio (Brazilian Guitarist), Michelle Arseneau, Emily Ruvidich
What: Gibson and Epiphone Present
Masters of Tone: Seeking Superlative Sound

She Shreds Magazine founder and editor in chief, Fabi Reyna, will embark on an hour conversation with 5 select international artists of various backgrounds, techniques, and genres to discuss the power of sound and tone. Throughout this conversation we’ll invite each artist to bring up their rig and share riffs and stories that get into how Gibson guitars have inspired experimentation, and evolution throughout their careers while becoming a staple to their musical identity.

When: Friday, January 25th at 3pm
Where: Open to the public / Gibson Brands Location ACC Hall B, Level 2, Room 207