This week She Shreds hosted our first-ever AMA on Facebook Live, with special guest, Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females.

Calling Portland, Maine, where Screaming Females was stopped on their tour with HIRS and Thou, from She Shreds HQ in Portland, Oregon, founder and editor-in-chief Fabi Reyna presented Marissa with questions from community of readers (and a couple of her own), regarding touring, collaboration, releasing new music, and more.

Check out some of the highlights from Marissa’s answers below, and make sure to visit She Shreds’ Facebook page at 11PT/2ET on May, 5, when we’ll host our next AMA with La Luz.

On staying healthy on the road:

“Do your best to get enough sleep, if you have to take a nap, do it. Try to not eat as much garbage, which can be hard when you’re on the highway. And maybe say ‘no’ to the last drink.”

On the ultimate tour hack:

“Go to Planet Fitness. I’m not trying to shout out their brand, or anything. We really do enjoy going there together as a fam… you can work out, but this is the great thing; you can use the WiFi, so you can use it as an office, or you can take a shower. And on the first Friday of every month, they have free pizza.”

On crashing with people on the road:

“Wash the dishes in the house that you stay in… if you stay in a bed, make it, even if they are going to wash the sheets.”  (Fabi added: “Then let them stay at your house, when they’re on tour!”)

On stage confidence:

“I don’t think I ever get on stage feeling like I’m confident in myself, I feel that I get on stage feeling really confident in my band and what we make together. I’m definitely never confident in my gear… even though it hasn’t been breaking down very often lately.”

On the push for new music and content in the digital age:

“In real life, behind the merch table at shows where people really are, people will say, ‘Oh my God, you have so many records. I’ve never heard of this one, or this one’ or people have verbalized to me “you guys have so many records I can’t even keep up with your output.’ But in the digital world, people are chomping at the bit for content. So the world is in flux about deciding what it wants from an artist.”

On collaborating with other musicians:

“I’m always down to play with pretty much anybody who is making something that I enjoy personally. I think I would need those people to understand that I am not a ‘professional musician.’ I’m not a studio musician, so if they sit down and give me a book of sheet music, I’m not going to understand what is going on.”

On what kind of animal she’d most like to hang out with:

“I’ve really been wanting one of these miniature donkeys…I would like have a very small donkey, and be that local lady, the lady with a donkey. I’d like to be that person.”