San Cha is a queer, rancherx vision of our generation. Through layers of percussive instruments, vocal harmonies, a guitar style that is half and half rancherx and punk, and a voice that sings into your soul, San Cha transforms the space around you. 

On February 7th, when San Cha was asked to curate an experience for Red Bull’s LA Music Festival this year, she took a concept she began visualizing in 2014, after a move that took her out of the bay area where she was born and into Jalostotitlán, Jalisco, Mexico where her family is from. The result turned into a live telenovela that inspires the 13 songs from her third studio album, La Luz de la Esperanza, out October 25th.

For San Cha, motifs such as discipline, guilt, repentance, and strictly defined gender roles are the focus throughout her sophomore album. Spawned out of stories from her mother and aunts as much as the queer saviors she stumbled upon later in life, “Levanta Dolores” is the debut single off the upcoming record that combines both worlds:

“I’m very inspired by the way my mother and my aunts romanticize their youth before marriage when they lived on the farm. My mother and her six sisters would clean the house everyday, cook, sew, and knit and the others would work in the fields, milking cows and planting corn and different crops to sell, and then they would switch. The telenovela starts and ends with Dolores and her sisters working the fields. My aunts also inspired the parts with the abuse. When their husbands do something terrible they remain by their husband’s side because divorce is against their rural Mexican Catholic upbringing. They always say ‘this is the cross that I bear.’”

Listen to “Levanta Dolores” available now on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music, and read more about San Cha and the latinx community radicalizing traditional latinx genres.

Tour Dates:

August 24th: (Los Angeles) Off the 405 at The Getty Center 
August 28th: (Santa Monica) Twilight on the Pier 
August 30th: (Tucson, AZ) HOCO Fest
September 1st: (San Jose) Sonido Clash Festival
Sept 7th: (Portland, OR)
Sept 11th: (Portland, OR)
September 27th: (Los Angeles) Civic Center w/ Dueto Dos Rosas & Sávila