We are pleased to announce that Portland’s own retro-tinged indie guitarist, singer and songwriter Sallie Ford will be headlining the She Shreds Sou’Wester Weekend Getaway next month at the Sou’Wester resort in Seaview, Washington. In addition to that, we’re hosting the premiere of her new video for “Middle Child,” too!

Ford was raised in Asheville, North Carolina and moved to Portland in 2006, where she came into the spotlight as vocalist/guitarist of the 50s soul and pop-influenced rock band Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside. The members of the Sound Outside parted ways in 2013, and since then Ford has established herself as a visionary solo artist. After releasing her first album Slap Back—which featured an impressive lineup of musicians including Cristina Cano of Albatross and Siren & the Sea, Anita Lee Elliot of  Viva Voce and Blue Giant, and Amanda Spring—to critical acclaim in 2014, she hit the bar even higher with its follow up, Soul Sick, which came out on Vanguard Records earlier this year.

Album single “Middle Child” touches on family matters and classic feelings between siblings, but it was initially inspired by a very different sort of domestic situation. “I first wrote the lyrics for the song not knowing what they were gonna end up being about. Back when I lived with roommates in SE Portland, I came home late and was the last one to get home, and then the first one to wake up and leave in the morning for work. As I walked to work I came up with the melody and lyrics: ‘I’m the last one in and the first one out.’ Then the song morphed into my middle child issues of feeling like an outsider.”

In the music video for the song, Ford takes these feelings to a place where many family conflicts are explored and resolved—the analyst’s couch. However, the doctor is not quite who you might expect. “My friend Matthew Morgan makes puppets videos and I knew about his character, John San Juan,” Ford said. “I asked Matt about making a video with the puppets and we bounced ideas around and came up with the concept together with help with some of our other friends. Our other very talented friend Catherine Lazar Odell did all of the animations for the video.”

When asked about the benefits of confiding in a puppet therapist vs. a standard medical professional, Ford offered, “I was sold by his video ad for his therapy practice. 24 hours of experience! Incredible! He was a very good listener and I didn’t tell him, but I thought he was very cute too.” We concur, he’s way more adorable than Freud ever was, plus (presumably) no weird hangups about women!

Watch “Middle Child” now and make sure to read below for more about She Shreds Sou’Wester Weekend Getaway!

About She Shreds Sou’Wester Weekend Getaway

She Shreds Sou’Wester Weekend Getaway will be a one of a kind experience, with three days of bands, a full day of workshops, a demo station, fireworks, fire pits, and oceanfront hangs with like-minded shredders and music lovers. Get the full scoop here, and purchase an advance ticket from our online store. Venue caps out at 40-60 people, so act soon or risk missing out on the good times!

If you’re interested in staying at Sou’Wester Lodge, contact them directly and mention She Shreds to access a reserved block of rooms.

Band Lineup (more TBA)

Sallie Ford
Black Belt Eagle Scout
Claire Puckett
Marissa Anderson
Haley Heynderickx
Daniela Karina (Women’s Beat League)