Datachoir x Old Blood Noise teamed up to design a one-of-a-kind pedal in celebration of pride month, the Pride Rainbow Rêver pedal. She Shreds is excited to be giving one of these limited edition pedals away!

On why they wanted to make a Pride edition pedal: Cathy Begien of Datachoir says, “Well I definitely love a rainbow and was excited to do this during the month of June. Both Summer and I feel very fortunate to have been surrounded by loving family and friends. Our coming out stories have our own challenges. Even though my mom didn’t love the idea of me being gay when I was younger she never stopped loving me. Despite it all we have been loved and supported and can’t imagine the stress of being truly ostracized or disowned as a young person. We know those stories exist and so we wanted to show our support for an organization like The Trevor Project, supporting and protecting the gay youths out there. And really there isn’t a whole lot of us role models in the gear world, so who else is going to do this? It’s all important to us as much as making art and music and letting all the girls and women out there know it’s fun and they can do this and no one should be shy about it.”

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