In Love & War: A Conversation Between Waxahatchee & Marlee Grace

Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee opens up to best friend and collaborator Marlee Grace about getting sober and writing her most  more

In Love & War: A Conversation Between Waxahatchee & Marlee Grace

Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee opens up to best friend and collaborator Marlee Grace about getting sober and writing her most  more

An Interview with Lola Frichet, the #1RiffADay Winner

French musician Lola Frichet won over our audience with her incredible videos and bass riffs during the #1RiffADay challenge. Lola  more

The Visionary Path of Tegan and Sara, From Music to Memoir

Tegan and Sara revisit their past with memoir, High School, and album, Hey, I’m Just Like You, in an interview  more

The Salvation of Charo: Through Music, Comedy, and Connection

Charo, the award-winning flamenco guitarist, opens up about her journey to stardom, the death of her husband, and survival through  more

Nelson Can Bassist Signe Tobiassen on Self-Love and Sacrifice

Signe Tobiassen, bassist in Nelson Can, opens up about the band’s breakup, their final album, and their “no guitar policy.”  more

Dueto Dos Rosas Keep Their Roots Alive with Campirana and Tradition

Sisters Emily and Sheyla Rosas of Dueto Dos Rosas pay tribute to their rich heritage through requinto guitar, traditional Mexican  more

Frances Quinlan Tells Her Most Vibrant Story Yet on Solo Debut

Last month, Frances Quinlan of Hop Along released her first solo album in 15 years. On Likewise, she presents a  more

Mereba and the Never-Ending Story of the Jungle

On her latest album, The Jungle Is The Only Way Out, Mereba identifies a new chapter in a story that’s  more

UMI and the Collective Healing Power of Music

Following the release of her EP, Love Language, we spoke with UMI about the energy of music and the removal  more

Torres on ‘Silver Tongue’ and the Importance of Valuing Art

We spoke with Mackenzie Scott, aka Torres, about her latest release and the collective change of heart and mind needed  more

Shredding Southpaw: A Conversation with Left-Handed Musicians

We spoke with left-handed musicians Kathy Foster, Shamir, Madeline McCormack, and Cat Park about the unusual challenges and perks of  more

The Big Sky Love of Sachiko Kanenobu

Recognized as Japan’s first female singer-songwriter, Sachiko Kanenobu enjoys the fruits of her labor 40 years after the release of  more

Ambré Steps Further Into Her Own World

Following collaborations with H.E.R. and Kehlani, Ambré hones her own musical style by not using labels with her new EP,  more

Guitar Gabby on Owning Your Craft in the Music Industry

From self-managing to studying law, Guitar Gabby lives and breathes the hustle. In 2020, she will release two debut albums:  more

Watch Les Filles de Illighadad Live at Chicago Music Exchange

She Shreds partnered with Chicago Music Exchange to invite Les Filles de Illighadad to play at CME’s showroom, and to  more

Rosa Bordallo Explores Intergenerational Trauma and the Power of Music

On her debut solo album, Reef Walker, Rosa Bordallo weaves in her experience emigrating from Guam to New York City,  more

Melissa Etheridge On Vintage Guitars and Today’s LGBTQ Musicians

From learning how to play lead guitar to what the world needs now, Melissa Etheridge spoke with She Shreds ahead  more

Kali Flanagan Savors the Chance to Grow with the Guitar While She’s Still a Teenager

Since she was four years old, Kali Flanagan has cultivated a passion for music—but for now, she just wants to  more

Pitchfork Paris: Catching up with Chai, Nilüfer Yanya, and More

She Shreds is at Pitchfork Paris this week, where we caught up with some of our previously featured artists—as well  more

From Malaysia to LA: The Unapologetic Love and Passion of Yuna

From her humble beginnings to now gracing international stages, Yuna speaks to becoming a pop star, the importance of representation,  more

Adrianne Lenker Faces Celestial Mystery and the Beyond

Adrianne Lenker of Big Thief talks about alien themes on U.F.O.F., her solo project, and maintaining creativity in an industry  more

Bedouine and the Power of Setting Her Music Free

Azniv Korkejian of Bedouine offers up her beginner’s mind with guitar, building soundscapes, and working on her sophomore release. This  more

Malian Musician Fatoumata Diawara Defends Her Truth

Fatoumata Diawara opens up about Wassoulou culture, experimenting with electric sounds, and her Grammy-nominated album, Fenfo. This interview originally appeared  more

Cate Le Bon and Extending Music into the Three-Dimensional

With her latest release, Reward, Cate Le Bon explores self-imposed alienation and learning a new skill: furniture building. This interview  more

Arthur Moon Instrumentalist Lora-Faye Åshuvud Explores Disorientation

Åshuvud talks about the gorgeous missteps in her music, the freedom of using a moniker, and her debut album, Arthur  more

Kate Rhudy and her Southern Community

From working under a DIY ethos to using humor in her work, Kate Rhudy is changing the name of country  more

Rosie Cima on What She Dreamed and What Came True

The singer-songwriter speaks to relocating, forming her band (Rosie Cima & What She Dreamed), her favorite writers, and the aliveness  more

Kallemi Manifests Intersectionality with Music Rooted in Palestine, Switzerland, and the Dominican Republic

If the idea of a long-distance relationship seems difficult, try doing as Kallemi does—maintaining an international band with four members  more

Behind the Scenes Series: Meredith Coloma

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

IN THE PINK: Leila Sidi and TunaTone Guitars

This piece originally appeared as an article in Issue 17 of She Shreds Magazine which was released in April 2019.  more

From Childhood To Legendary Musicians: The Millington Sisters and Fanny’s Groundbreaking Legacy

This cover story originally appeared in She Shreds Magazine Issue #17, released April 2019. You can donate toward Jean Millington’s  more

Jennah Bell Carves the Courage In Her Work

Long before the conversation moved to country music and how to reclaim your space in it, or our shared love  more

Nilüfer Yanya, An Intriguing Artist Influenced By The Literary Arts

Nilüfer Yanya’s intriguing debut album, Miss Universe, opens with the serenely creepy spoken-word track, “WWAY HEALTH.” “Welcome to We Worry  more

Tawiah Tests Her Limits

Tawiah talks going back to the basics, visiting her motherland and her favorite gear. This article originally appears in the  more

The Great Escape Up Close and Personal: Los Bitchos and Sink Ya Teeth

With the UK’s annual music mecca, The Great Escape Festival just around the corner, we caught up with two of  more

Touring Parents Balance A Career, Negotiate Environments And Rely on Community

The first thing Laura Jane Grace, founder and frontwoman of Against Me! and solo project Laura Jane Grace & The  more

Ex Hex and Their New Work Hinges On Creativity and Trust

Ex Hex is making more than waves this year. They’re testing their own creativity with their new album. Washington D.C.  more

Sasami, An Artist That Spans

Sasami Ashworth is so romantically hardcore: she recently got a Johannes Brahms tattoo to accompany the ink she already has  more

This Banjo-Led Album Is An Unflinching Look At Black Women’s Stories of Resistance and Hope

Released by the Smithsonian Folkways, “Songs of Our Native Daughters” is an album that explores slavery in an era of  more

Meet Veda Black, An East London Artist Living in the Future

I’m a sucker for time travel, which is why I love making calls from New York to London. It gives  more

For Yola, The Guitar is Her Freedom

When British singer-songwriter Yolanda Quartey aka, Yola, is asked when she first became interested in music, she laughs warmly and  more

Women’s History Month Series: Buffy Sainte-Marie

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are featuring early pioneers who disrupted narratives and gave voice to musicians around  more

Shanta Nurrullah Picked Up the Sitar in the ’60s, and Never Let It Go

Shanta Nurullah brings together the sitar, the Indian classical instrument, with jazz. She founded Sitarsys, a Spiritual Jazz ensemble, in  more

Meet Mia Borders, An Embodiment of the New Orleans Soundscape

In the intersection of Freret and Valence, Mia Borders walks out of Mojo Coffee House with an iced brew in  more

Women’s History Month Series: The Story Behind Peggy Jones

It’s 1957. Peggy Jones is walking outside of the Apollo Theater. There’s a guitar case slung over her back, an  more

Cusi Coyllur Talks Finding Her Peruvian Roots and Resiliency in Activist Music

Shannen Roberts remembers listening to her mom’s tales of the Incas and the Spaniards when she was growing up—and one  more

From Tucson to Oslo: A Personal Essay on How Floating Across the World Sounds Like

When I told my family and friends I’d be leaving the heat of Tucson, Arizona for the remote forests of  more

Meet the Women Driving PRS Guitars Forward

It’s very easy to tell a story about how women are NOT lurking among the corridors of power within the  more

Behind the Scenes Series: The Archivist

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

How an LA Community is Radicalizing Traditional Latinx Genres

This article originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Magazine Issue #16, which was released in December 2018.  more

Veteran Music Journalist Honors Musicians with New Book “Women Who Rock”

Over 20 years have passed since a book was published on the history of women in rock music. Now, with  more

Adeline and Her Bass: The Sonic Palette of An Artist Holding on to her Voice

Adeline’s musical palette pulls from the poetry in the French language to her Martinican roots. This interview originally appeared in  more

Being Unapologetically Francesca Simone

This interview of Francesca Simone originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #16, which was released in  more

Behind the Scenes Series: Meet Anne Buchanan

Welcome to the She Shreds Behind the Scenes Monthly Series. Each month we interview women behind the scenes in the  more

The Intentional Creativity LA Producer and Storyteller Kadhja Bonet Demands In Her Music

This interview of Kadhja Bonet originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #16, which was released in  more

A Short and Brief History of the Women Behind the Jam Band Scene

Women are, and have always been, an indispensable part of the Jam Band scene. The sun shines bright at Lockn’  more

From Busking in Berlin to Going Viral, Alice Phoebe Lou Remains A Fiercely Independent Artist

Alice Phoebe Lou shares her unique journey and roots in street performing that has shaped her sound and perspective as  more

The Alchemy Behind Nai Palm’s Intuitive and Curious Techniques

This interview with Nai Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote) originally appeared as the cover story of She Shreds Issue #16, which was  more

Sona Jobarteh: Transforming the Kora Tradition

Sona Jobarteh on what playing the Kora means for her identity, her people, and her art. At the main stage  more

Meet the Women Who Are Making the Music Scene More Accessible

Fans with disabilities face enormous difficulties navigating concert venues, but these women-led organizations are changing that. For some, accessibility to  more

Marem Ladson, An Evolving Musician Finding Home in her Craft

With riveting sounds and dreams, Spain’s Marem Ladson is constantly learning about herself through her music. “Born,” the opener of  more

“It’s Impossible to Destroy”: Meklit On Afrofuturism, Star Technology, and Immigration Activism

Meklit discusses activism through music and bringing sounds to life from the everyday world around us. Meklit, born Meklit Hadero,  more

Get To Know Gaelynn Lea, An Artist Embracing The Present

Gaelynn Lea on how music has grounded her identity, and the ways she sheds light on the experiences of someone  more

Meet Chasing Lovely: The Sister Act Who Aren’t Scared to Make Waves

The sister duo Chasing Lovely catch up with She Shreds on identity, sisterhood and creating music. When Chloe and Taylor  more

Building Community and Hope with Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding uses her platform to advocate for affordable housing. Esperanza Spalding is a Portland-made composer and musician, and her  more

From Obsession To Profession: How Omnivore Recordings’ Cheryl Pawelski Keeps Legendary Music Alive

Grammy Award-winning producer, Cheryl Pawleski, tells us her journey of how she jumped from the corporate music industry and opened  more

Spend 24 Hours With Eva Walker, The Radio Host and Frontwoman of the Black Tones

By day she’s a radio host. By night she leads her band, the Black Tones. She Shreds spent 24 hours  more

Maritza Núñez on Harnessing Heartbreak and Inspiring Young Brown Girls

Maritza Núñez, front woman of the band Bitter, catches up with She Shreds on the power of representation on stage.  more

San Cha, The Fierce Latinx Musician Anchoring Herself in Rancheras and Identity

San Cha on being queer, brown and singing rancheras through it all. Loud music played over Club Chico’s dance floor  more

Eliza Shaddad, The Sudanese-Scottish Folk Musician On The Go

Meet Eliza Shaddad, the philosophy student-turned folk balladist. When Eliza Shaddad isn’t writing or playing at music gigs, she’s camping,  more

Setting the Tone: Metal and Psych Musicians Discuss Heavy Music’s Most Defining Feature

This article originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July, 2018. Of  more

Gonna Be An Engineer: Breaking Barriers In Music Production & Technology

This article originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July, 2018. On  more

Jenny Lewis: A Warrior That Digs Down Deep Into the Interior of Her Listeners

This interview originally appeared as the cover story of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July 2018. Jenny  more

How Playing Guitar Brought Yvette Young Back Into Herself

This interview originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July, 2018. Encouraged  more

Meet CHAI: The Four-Piece Band Hailing from Nagoya, Japan Ready to Make Their Mark

This interview originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July, 2018. CHAI  more

From YouTube to Rolling Stone, Ayla Tesler-Mabe Is Just Getting Started

This interview originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July, 2018. In  more

Courtney Barnett on Vulnerability, Home and Songwriting

This interview originally appeared as the cover story of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July 2018. On  more

BAYLi, A Veteran Artist On the Rise

BAYLi’s sound is an embodiment of who she is. If you ask Brooklyn-native BAYLi what genre she plays, she won’t  more

Shredding Through AFROPUNK Fest: 10 Acts You Shouldn’t Miss

Here’s a curated list of recommended acts to see at this year’s AFROPUNK Fest! We also interviewed Nova Twins and  more

How Liz Cooper Took The Best Bet She Could, Betting On Herself

Liz Cooper knew it was a risk to move to a new city and follow her dream. A dream that  more

Sled Island Is Redefining the Indie Music Festival Landscape

Featured photo by Mike Tan Sled Island is an intentional and carefully crafted music festival devoted to inclusivity, safe spaces  more

Ada Lea, A Fearless Artist on the Rise

Ada Lea performed at Sled Island and She Shreds caught up with her to talk about bass guitars, being bored,  more

Fleabite’s “Find” Music Video Is A Time Capsule of Self-Discovery

Fleabite invites us to step into their time capsule and nostalgia tinted new music video, “Find”. After a few years  more

Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan On Ride or Die Gear, B-More and Dreamy Lambos

Lindsey Jordan shines confidence, range and growth. And she’s just getting started. In 2015, a little-known band from Baltimore named  more

Meet Melanie Faye: The Viral R&B Guitarist Turned Guitar Hero

This article originally appeared as the cover story of She Shreds Issue #14, which was released in February, 2018. With  more

Insect Ark on Exploring Sound and Creative Vision Without Compromise

It’s the first night of the Roadburn Festival—the annual gathering in Tilburg, Netherlands that’s evolved from a local celebration of  more

Julien Baker and Lauren Denitzio Get You Stoked On Gear and Touring

This article originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #14, which was released in February, 2018. Receive a copy as your  more

Juana Molina on Drone, Loops, and Being the Woman You Want to Be

Juana Molina appeared as the cover artist on She Shreds Issue #13, which was released in September, 2017. Our full  more

Valerie June on Being True to the Song

This interview originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #13, which was released in September, 2017. Valerie June plays songs rooted  more

Elizabeth Powell on Her Return to Land of Talk, Conceptual Songwriting, and Courage

This interview originally appeared in She Shreds Issue #13, which was released in September, 2017. Elizabeth Powell vanished in 2010.  more

Torres on Movement, Repetition, and the Mind-Body Connection

Mackenzie Scott is a musician, singer, and writer, who creates under the moniker, Torres. On the surface her music is  more

Hurray for the Riff Raff’s Alynda Segarra Activates Change Through Visibility with The Navigator

This feature originally appeared in the twelfth issue of She Shreds, published in April, 2017. Subscribe here and receive your  more

Cherry Glazerr’s Clementine Creevy on Movement, Vulnerability, and Crossing Genres

This feature originally appeared in the twelfth issue of She Shreds, published in April, 2017. Subscribe here and receive your  more

Sitarist Anoushka Shankar on Corroborating Activism and Fusing Musical Worlds

The sitar, a classical instrument most commonly used in Hindustani music popular throughout India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, is four feet  more

Chastity Belt on Balance, Gear, and Being Sincere Without Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Chastity Belt is known for hazy post-punk that has its quirks—they’ve been releasing songs with names like “Giant Vagina” and  more

Artist to Artist: Veruca Salt and Skating Polly Discuss Collaborating on ‘New Trick’ EP

Skating Polly is the Tacoma-based band founded by stepsisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse when they were 9 and 14  more

Angaleena Presley on New Directions and Why There Aren’t More Women on Country Radio

Less than six years ago, country singer-songwriter, and guitarist Angaleena Presley was basking in the mainstream country spotlight with fellow  more

Ends Meet: An Interview with Melina Duterte of Jay Som

At 22 years old, Melina Duterte is a hardworking maverick. Under the name Jay Som, she exhibits her well-practiced skills  more

Lucinda Williams On the Hard and Sedulous Road to Major Label Success

[This feature originally appeared in the eleventh issue of She Shreds, published in November, 2016. Subscribe here and receive your  more

Q+A With Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak: “If it’s just virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake, then I really have no interest in it.”

[This feature originally appeared in the eleventh issue of She Shreds, published in November, 2016. Subscribe here and receive your  more

Ghosts and Little Deaths: A Conversation with Idle Bloom. Watch “Dust” Now!

Olivia Scibelli has slept in my house twice while on tour, and yet we’ve never met. Both times I was  more

Get to Know Stef Chura

The first thing you might notice when you listen to Stef Chura’s debut album, Messes, is her vocals. She adopts  more

Sarah Bethe Nelson Explores the Evolution of Life, Love, and Music. Listen to “Out of My Reach”

Sometimes we can’t get what we want in life, but according to Sarah Bethe Nelson, that’s not necessarily a negative  more

Shannon Wright on Finding Connection and Making Music for Music’s Sake

She’s been called angry, aggressive, an artist who “enjoys making people cry.” Shannon Wright has heard it all when it  more

Premiere: Dre Genevieve Unearths the Wisdom of “Guitar Ancestors” on Strangely Free

“To me, what makes a great guitar player is knowing when to go full force and knowing when to back  more

The Legends: An Interview with Rosie Flores

Rosie Flores is shifting gears, trying something new, and going back to her roots all at once on her upcoming  more

Songwriting and Soul-Baring: An Interview with Kristin Hersh

Five years of songwriting, three years of recording — the making of Kristin Hersh’s new combination book and double CD,  more

The Tuts on DIY, Inclusivity, and Fighting Back

There’s no denying that The Tuts say it straight. The three-piece, which hails from Hayes in West London, has made  more

SubRosa on Doom, Happiness, and Denouncing Anti-LGBT Policy in the Mormon Church

With their soaring, otherworldly violins contrasting with warm, sludgy guitars, and their painstakingly-crafted songs that fuse metal, rock, and folk,  more

Get to Know Deep Sea Diver’s Jessica Dobson

She Shreds Birthday Bash and Issue 11 Release Party is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more thrilled that Seattle  more

Gear, Mood and Intention: Q+A with Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg

In the span of a 12-year career, you might expect a band to experience turmoil, triumph, shape shifting, experimenting, questioning—a  more

“Instead of nurturing it you have to chase it”: Q+A With Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino

Imagine yourself submerged in the tranquility of warm water; your body moves slowly while your ears make up the complexities  more

Brooklyn Lutherie: Restoring Accessibility in Gear Repair

Mamie Minch and Chloe Swantner knew they were taking a leap of faith going into business after working together for  more

Laura Ballance: Merge Records CEO, Superchunk Bassist and #1 Badass

Laura Ballance and I both used the word “badass” during our interview—”I say that a lot,” she mentioned, right before  more

Helms Alee’s Dana James on Working Through Tough Spots in Song Development

With a mix of melody-driven post-rock, punk, prog, and pop, enormous, chugging riffs, and unusual use of time signatures and  more

“I’m a Bass Player First of All”: An Interview with Ida Nielsen

Bassist Ida Nielsen has been letting her musical ambitions lead her since she was 16. As a student in countryside  more

Visibility, Vulnerability and Strength: An Interview with Thao Nguyen

[This feature was originally published in the tenth issue of She Shreds Magazine, May 2016 and has been edited for  more

“There’s Never Any Bullshit When We’re Playing,” Q+A With Reunited Punk Icons the Red Aunts

In 1991, in Long Beach, California, the Red Aunts were born out of a group of friends with no formal  more

Premiere: Charlene Kaye Launches Guitar-Heavy Pop Project, KAYE. Listen to “Honey” EP

Charlene Kaye was born in Honolulu and subsequently moved to cities all over the world, developing talents for a number  more

Premiere: Wing Dam, “Re-Move Me”

Rising out of Baltimore’s notoriously fertile music scene, Wing Dam has gained a following for its 90s-influenced brand of upbeat  more

Meet the Luthier Who Built a Harp Guitar with 42 Strings, Two Sound Holes, and Four Necks

Linda Manzer is an unusual luthier. She builds about 10 guitars a year for exceptional musicians across the genre spectrum:  more

“Guitar is a Genre, and That’s the Genre I Play:” An Interview with Little Scream

As Little Scream, Montreal-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Laurel Sprengelmeyer has made broad strides toward a creatively rewarding and critically-lauded  more

“Instead of Having One Perspective, I Saw Many”: An Interview with Mitski

On July 20, She Shreds partnered with School of Doodle, an online school for teen girls that provides unique experiences  more

Premiere: Pill, “Fetish Queen”

Comprised of bassist/vocalist Veronica Torres, multi-instrumentalists Andrew Spaulding and Jonathan Campolo, and saxophonist Benjamin Jaffe, Brooklyn’s Pill has been rising  more

Cover Story: The Philosophy and Tools of Esperanza Spalding’s D+Evolution”

[This feature is the cover story of the 10th issue of She Shreds Magazine, published in April, 2016. Subscribe here   more

Interview: angelic milk Sheds Light on Russia’s Rising DIY Scene

Beyond the early-2000s pop duo t.A.T.u. and hardcore political performance group Pussy Riot, most of Russia’s modern music isn’t widely  more

Premiere: Argentine Trio Amor en la Isla Merge High-Octane Surf and Punk on Their Debut Album, “Playa Crocante”

Coming at you from Argentina, Amor en la Isla is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Sol Marianela, drummer Lucas Mariño, and bassist/backing  more

Premiere: Gemma Ray Combines Fantasy and Reality on New LP, The Exodus Suite

Britain-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Gemma Ray draws from a variety of styles including early rock ‘n’ roll, film scores, psychedelic, Flamenco,  more

“I’m Kind of Rough Around the Edges”: An Interview with Broncho’s Penny Pitchlynn

From early basement shows in Oklahoma punk houses to a spotlight on the HBO show Girls, Broncho’s shape-shifting garage rock  more

Premiere: Hedvig Mollestad Trio “In The Court of The Trolls”

Led by guitar virtuoso Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen and featuring bassist Ellen Brekken and drummer Ivar Loe Bjørnstad, Norway’s Hedvig Mollestad  more

“I’m a musician, not a female musician” : An Interview with Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler pulls a black sheet across her body, shielding her eyes with one hand and extending the other palm  more

Premiere: The Stargazer Lilies Merge Heavy Shoegaze and Dreamy Psych on new LP “Door to The Sun”

Out of the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania, The Stargazer Lilies come bearing dreamy, ethereal melodies, off-kilter, disorienting ambiance, and heavy  more

Going Beyond the Bloodhounds: An Interview with Adia Victoria

Born in South Carolina and raised in the Seventh Day Adventist church, Adia Victoria spent time traveling and living in  more

Storytelling and Sacred Geometry: An Interview with Seratones AJ Haynes

It’s the night after the release of Get Gone, the debut album from Shreveport, Louisiana’s Seratones but the band’s reputation  more

An interview with Tancred: “It’s not that it’s something new, but it’s something I finally came into on my own”

Tancred grew into something it wasn’t intended to be. In 2011, after years as a guitarist in Minneapolis indie rock  more

Premiere: Dark Rock Duo Muscle and Marrow Confront Love and Loss on “Bereft Body”

With a moody blend of rock, experimental pop, and folk-inspired vocal melodies, Portland, Oregon’s Muscle and Marrow has found favor  more

From Bedroom Recording to International Touring: An Interview with Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop is the artistic project of L.A. via Ottawa, Ontario, Canada singer and multi-instrumentalist Allie Hanlon. After compiling  more

“You are who you are, and I never let go of that fact” An Interview with Lita Ford

About halfway through my call with hard rock icon Lita Ford, she asks me what the deal is with the  more

Finding Joyous Discontent with Cate Le Bon’s New Album, Crab Day

Cate Le Bon’s fourth and latest album, Crab Day, was named for a mythic holiday of the artist’s own creation  more

“I learned that everything is possible”: Q+A With Marlene Marder of Kleenex/Liliput

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

Ten Years Later, Desperation Evolves Into a Contagious Confidence for The Coathangers

After a long, successful tour with The Black Lips, Atlanta punk rockers The Coathangers headed to California on a whim  more

“I’m Not a Musician”: An Interview with Kim Gordon

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

“Have Attitude, Be Tough, and Don’t Take No For An Answer”: Q+A With The Trashwomen

In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

Premiere: Outer Spaces Get Bittersweet on “Heavy Stone Poem”

Outer Spaces is a Baltimore, Maryland-based trio comprised of guitarist/vocalist Cara Beth Satalino, drummer Rob Dowler (Tides, Nuclear Power Plants)  more

“It Is Really Lame to Tell Women What They Should and Shouldn’t Do with Their Art” An Interview Tacocat

Punk rock and D.I.Y. was always intended to break down barriers between “rock stars” and fans, but few current bands  more

“Between Genres and Music Communities.” An Interview with Nadja’s Leah Buckareff

The Berlin by-way-of Toronto experimental duo Nadja was launched in 2003 as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker, who  more

Premiere: Skating Polly’s Indie Pop Fits Just Right on New Album “The Big Fit”

Skating Polly’s music simmers with the kind of gritty, hard-won confidence that comes from having played since an early age.  more

She Shreds SXSW: Worriers

The brainchild of the multi-talented Lauren Denitzio (former The Measure (SA)), Worriers launched has since captured attention for its hook-driven  more

She Shreds SXSW: Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast is the swirling electro / indie pop project of Michelle Zauner, the frontwoman for Philadelphia punk outfit Little  more

Premiere: Jackie Venson Escapes Mental Prison in Video for “Always Free”

Jackie Venson’s soulful indie-blues has already captured the attention of the She Shreds crew So, when the opportunity came along  more

She Shreds SXSW: Jess Williamson

As a student covering local music for the school paper and radio station at University of Texas, Jess Williamson became  more

She Shreds SXSW: Abjects

Abjects formed in London in 2013, and have since gained an international buzz for its combination of scuzzy garage, psychedelic  more

Premiere: Mirror Travel Explores New Moods and Places on New LP, Cruise Deal

New Mexico by-way-of Texas psych rock trio Mirror Travel was born out of a high school friendship between Lauren Green  more

She Shreds SXSW: Diet Cig

Formed in New Paltz, New York just over two years ago, the duo of Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman, a.k.a.  more

“I’m In The Band”: White Zombie, and Cultural Shifts with Bassist Sean Yseult

As a founding member of the hugely successful metal/industrial band White Zombie, Sean Yseult helped create the band’s esoteric sound,  more

For the Love of Music, Palehound’s Ellen Kempner Owns Her Way Through Any Struggle

While Brooklyn rocker Mitski soundchecks at PhilaMOCA, Ellen Kempner of Palehound snaps a picture on her iPhone as she cuddles  more

White Mystery’s Miss Alex White Unveils First Signature Effects Pedal, The Firekeeper

White Mystery guitarist and singer Alex White is best known for performing high-octane rock’n’roll with her brother, drummer Francis White,  more

Peach Kelli Pop: Teaching Yourself How to Play Guitar

Peach Kelli Pop hits a sweet chord with catchy rhythms, bubble-gum vocals, and whimsical lyrics—but don’t let her cute image  more

“Putting a Little Gloom into It” an Interview with Sheena Ozzella of Lemuria

Citing influences from Fleetwood Mac and Heart to Polvo and the Muffs,  Lemuria combines the frenetic and gritty glee of  more

Crowd Surfing with La Luz: Video and Interview

Since the 2013 debut of It’s Alive, there’s been nothing but excitement and anticipation for what La Luz will do  more

In a Band with Julia McFarlane of Twerps

Australian four piece Twerps were a standout at this year’s Treefort Music Festival. Their first full length on Merge Records,  more

Setting Your Priorities Straight with Leggy

Leggy is one of the sweetest things to come out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The trio of Véronique Allaer, Kerstin Bladh  more

The Ladies in Silver Suits: An Interview with Mars Needs Women

It has certainly been a while since a German band sent the petty coats flying, but the ladies from Mars  more

Tour Tips with Bestfriend Grrlfriend

Bestfriend Grrlfriend is the queer punk and DJ entity featuring Naomi Violet and Shawna Shawnté. The Bay area duo play  more

The Bassist of Hole and Smashing Pumpkins Talks Following Her Artistic Survival Instinct

On a frigid night in January I squeezed through the packed crowd at Joe’s Pub to find my seat in  more

Printing Tabs Off of the Dial-Up Internet with Erica Freas Of RVIVR

Olympia, Washington’s RVIVR is reputed for its catchy, thrashy, and triumphant take on socially conscious pop punk. Thus it’s almost  more

An Interview with the Swedish Psychedelic Blues Band, Cosmic Blonde

Cosmic Blonde’s story begins at ELLA — an all-female rock music program located on a remote island in the Baltic  more

“Filling My House with Crystals”: An Interview with Lydia Lund of Chastity Belt

Since the release of No Regrets in 2013, Seattle’s Chastity Belt have emerged as post-punk party rock staples. Melancholy but  more

The Infinite Pursuit of Musical Possibility with Lori Goldston

Lori Goldston has done experimental collaborations with bands such as Mirah, Nirvana, Earth, Black Cat Orchestra, Broken Water, Dave Abramson,  more

Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams Goes to Beverly Hills

We got to spend a day cruising down the streets of Beverly Hills with the wonderful and lovable Shannon Shaw––bass  more

“A Collage of Sounds”: An Interview with Deluka

Ellie Innocenti is the guitarist and songwriter in the biggest band you’ve probably never heard of: Deluka. Despite their big,  more

DIY and the Process of Self-Discovery with mr. Gnome

With an impressive assortment of pedals and guitars in tow, Nicole Barille of mr. Gnome looks like she’s setting up  more

“Everyone Is a Genius Alone in Their Bedroom”: An Interview with Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Markers

I’ve admired Elisa Ambrogio’s guitar playing in the New England noise outfit Magik Markers so much that I was both  more

Shape Shifting with Ruby Fray’s Emily Beanblossom

Emily Beanblossom is the singer, songwriter and guitar player of Austin’s Ruby Fray. Perhaps it’s all the episodes of Project  more

Talking Technique with Mary Timony

Mary Timony has been lending her dynamic and melodic guitar riffs to the alternative/indie rock music scene since Dischord Records  more

Southern Shredders: Meet Jessi and Nikki of Those Darlins

We caught up with Jessi and Nikki of explosive southern rock quartet Those Darlins after they played the main stage  more

Kim Shattuck on the Muffs’ First Album in Ten Years and What She Gained from Playing with the Pixies and the Pandoras

It’s been ten years since LA pop-punk band The Muffs put out their last album, Really Really Happy. Yesterday they  more

Director Beth Harrington on How Maybelle Carter Changed Guitar History

Grammy-nominated filmmaker Beth Harrington has done it again. The former rock ‘n’ roll singer-turned-documentarian who put female rockabilly artists in  more

Dead Moon: An Interview with Toody Cole

45 miles south of Portland, Oregon lies the five-acre farm where punk rock legendary duo Toody and Fred Cole built  more

Ever Forever: A Look Inside Devi Ever’s DIY Fuzz Pedals

Amidst the excitement and adrenaline of being surrounded by 100’s of new products at NAMM was the heavyhearted news that  more