Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Thrushes weaves together soft, fuzzed-out noise pop, dreamy 90s emo and grunge flavors. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Anna Conner, guitarist Casey Harvey, bassist Rachel Harvey, and drummer Scott Tiemann, the band members cut their teeth in Baltimore’s thriving music community before joining forces in 2005. To date, Thrushes has released three albums, including their most recent effort, Exposing Seas, that they recorded with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Channels) and released on New Granada Records last fall.

Directed by David Warren Norbut, the video for “Two Ships,” the third single to be released from Exposing Seas, was shot in the band’s backyard on a cold January day, just following a winter storm that covered the city with a 3-foot snowfall. Shots of the band playing their instruments in an unheated practice room, clad in their winter coats, are mixed with breaks by a fire-pit outside. The contrast between the iciness surrounding the band and the warm tones its music fits well with the themes of the song, which Conner says is “about breaking up and then never really talking to the person again, even if you see them around.”

Harvey agrees. “I think Thrushes have a tendency to create a warm rich sound,” she said. ““Two Ships” is a great example of that warmth, contrasted with the chill of loneliness in Anna’s lyrics. In “Two Ships” we managed to achieve a cozy layered guitar sound with, probably my favorite part, rumbling bumping drum sounds. It created an almost pulsating feel which compliments the imagery of being on a rocking ship at sea.”

Although the somber mood of the song was perfectly captured on camera, the mood on set was anything but. “I’m happy with how the video turned out,” Harvey said. “It was fun to shoot at our house. We drank wine and kept cozy by the fire in between takes. We were post-blizzard and quite happy to be reunited with other humans! The cold, snow, fire, night, and noise ended up working quite well with the lost, lonely, stars, and good-byes in Anna’s lyrics. David was great to work with. I hope we can do it again one day.”

Check out “Two Ships” below and purchase Exposing Seas through New Granada Records.