Tangerine’s upbeat surf rock is the best way to start your summer. Based out of Seattle, Tangerine is comprised of two sisters, Miro and Marika Justad, and guitarist Toby Kuhn, who have been making poppy garage tunes since 2013. Their most recent release, Sugar Teeth, debuted in February on Swoon Records. Tinged with 80’s influences, the album, much of which was written in Marika’s first years of college in New York, is a look at the heightened intensity of growing up.

Tangerine’s video for its sanguine, “Sunset” is a mysterious adventure in the northwest woods, set to lyrics about being somewhere between childhood and adulthood, not entirely either. Directed by Shaun Libman (who has also created videos for Chastity Belt, Craft Spells, and Dude York), the video is set alongside a foggy creek bank, where the trio unearths a large white object, seemingly shaped like a person. In the pink glow of the sunset, they travel home with their new friend, singing, “The forest is empty, / The night is now toothless, / I guess that means that we’re all grown.”

Masked under playful riffs is a greater sense of restlessness. Maybe it’s the ease of summer or the golden hour, but as the track slows there’s something gentle and easy about the way they face the metaphorical unknown as well as this new mysterious object. They bring it inside their home and they keep it safe, whispering “We’re so glad we found you” and “Are you keeping warm?” It is tender and sweet, a mimicking of parental love. But as the guitars roll, the shell is smashed open. The mystery revealed, the weight lifted, “Sunset” leaves us excited about the promise of what could comes next.

Check out the video for “Sunset” below, and if you’re in Seattle, catch the band live at the Capitol Hill Block PartySugar Teeth is available now on Swoon Records.