The brainchild of guitarist/frontwoman Helen Van, fuzzy, lo-fi rock band Big Surr made a big impression in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee with their high-energy live shows.

The band produced two releases, a 2010 EP titled,  “Miss You Most” (Rad Friends) in 2010 and a 7”, “Baked + Bruised” (Infinity Cat) in 2012 before she relocated, first to Ohio, then to San Francisco, before finding her way back to Music City in 2015.

Once back in her old stomping grounds, Van regrouped Big Surr with a new lineup that includes guitarists Asher Horton and Josh “SweetBaby” Halper, drummer Cam Sarrett, and bassist Danny Herrman, a crew she describes leaning more pop than punk, compared to her previous collaborators. “Fortunately, I’ve somehow always ended up with really great bandmates! They are some of the best in town,” she says.

In February, 2017, Big Surr will self-release their first proper full-length, In Business. Recorded with Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter in January 2016, Van has yet to reveal many details about its themes, but notes that it is influenced by the trajectory of her life over the last few years.  “I’m not sure how to describe it, but I think moving away from Nashville back to Ohio for grad school and then further away to San Francisco for work changed my perspective on many things in life. You learn a lot about yourself and people in general when you’re placed in a city where you know no one and no one knows you,” Van says.

“Sometimes,” is the first track to be revealed from the new album. A laid back, alt-pop tune with a steady beat, it explores the emotional ambiguities and tugs of war that go hand-in-hand with dating. “I think it’s subconsciously about most guys my girlfriends and I have dated,” Van says. “No names! I don’t want to boost any egos.”  

Check out “Sometimes” now and see if it doesn’t remind you of anyone from your own past or present. In Business will be out on February, 10, 2017.