Crooked Bangs is the Austin-based rock trio of bassist/vocalist Leda Ginestra, guitarist Samantha Wendel, and drummer Phillip Gonzalez.

The band specializes in a scuzzed out blend of DIY punk and pulsing gothic rhythms, topped off with lyrics in both French and English. Taken together, it make you want to run, not walk to the nearest, sweatiest, and darkest basement or club show.

Recorded with Ian Rundell and mastered by Jack Control, the band’s latest album, II, aimed to capture the intense energy of their live show. “With II we really wanted to capture our live sound, which had evolved a lot in the years following our first record. I really wanted it to reflect the raw sort of tension of our shows. Frenetic even,” Wendel says.

As always with Crooked Bangs, that tension has roots in their approach to songwriting and the world around them. “II is not only a representation of our music style as a band,” Ginestra explains. “It is treated as a body of work, sort of in a literary way. There are songs that are related to one another, that play into one another, share a similar musical theme, parts that all point to a general idea. It has a very specific mood and presence of mind. It reflects a sort of malaise, dissatisfaction with the world, ennui. This record is an expression of a certain human experience.”

II comes out April 21, and we promise, it’s well worth the wait. In the meantime, listen to “No Future” now.