Guts Club is the musical project of Lindsey Baker, a New Orleans by-way-of Brooklyn singer-songwriter and video artist who fuses lo-fi folk melodies with vivid, offbeat lyrics that brim with intensity and emotion. Following a self-released 2015 debut, The Arm Wrestling Tournament, Guts Club is back this summer with a second full-length titled Shitbug (Moderate Fidelity Records). The album expands on its predecessor with newfound country leanings and the appearance of additional instruments including upright bass, percussion, piano, lap steel, and trumpet, which round out the warm sounds of Baker’s Recording King Single O parlor guitar.

“Boron,” the latest single to be released from Shitbug, was partly inspired in part by a dream Baker had about being backed in a song by a chorus of baritone singers in a song repeating the lyric “boron” over and over again – an idea she thought about recreating that in the studio until she decided the sound of a bowed bass was even better.

She describes the track as being about, “growing up weird but maintaining a sense of dignity once you realize you’re surrounded by drunks and even bigger weirdos.” In her case, the bigger weirdos were her dad’s lifelong friends, many who make appearances throughout the song. “Jim, the big bald man I mention, rest in peace, supposedly fell out of his mother’s moving car when he was ten and “stayed stayed ten years old forever” until he died a few years back,” Baker said. “He used to come over with a bucket when the pears were ready, collect the pears, then proceed to chase us around the yard for a ‘tackle tickle.’ To us kids, he looked like the mildly famous 1980s WWF wrestler King Kong Bundy in a trucker hat. Fucking awful.”

“Pete was a drunk that still hangs out with my parents on holidays but hasn’t publicly puked in a while (that I know of.) We used to make fun of his Grand Prix and call it a “grand prick” or simply ask him how many miles he had on his Neon. Pete sucks and calls a room in his house ‘the library’ that’s just a bunch of old Playboys.”

Jim and Pete hardly sound like your typical muses, but then again, Baker is hardly your typical songwriter, either. On “Boron,” she strikes a perfect balance between innocence and oddity, capturing a child’s capacity to fully absorb their surroundings without casting total judgement over a bedrock of darkly-toned, fast-paced fingerpicking.

Stream “Boron” below and purchase a copy of Shit Bug when it comes out on July 1.