Founded by sisters Saori (guitar/vocals) and Rie (keyboards/vocals) in 2004, the Tokyo-based band The Suzan have toured the world with a cast of women musicians and an infectious blend of pop, punk, and dance.

Following the release of their 2007 debut album, Suzan Galaxy, the band connected with Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John to produce their second album, Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat (Fool’s Gold) and moved to New York, where they immersed themselves in the city’s music community and took part in tours with artists including Datarock and Chromeo.

Back in Japan as of 2015, The Suzan’s new EP, “Doki Doki Sounds” (Ingrid Records) will be the group’s first US release in several years. Within its three songs, the record showcases multiple sides of the band, including the irreverent pop of “Ice Cream,” (I assure you that you will be happy eating your ice cream while listening to this song,” Saori says), and the optimistic indie jangles of “Stay On,” a song inspired by the band’s days in New York. “I tried to describe a moment in the life of a typical Millennial living in NY. She, as in the song, has been very busy with her work but finds time to look over Brooklyn from the Manhattan riverside, re-thinking her relationship,” she explains.

The EP’s standout opening track “Tell Me What,” serves as a musical and thematic counterpoint to the other songs’ playful vibes, and points to a new musical direction for The Suzan. Amid lush, atmospheric dream-pop, the duo question the state of the world around them and delve into their emotions over recent tragedies. “There are too many shocking incidents happening in the world. Why?” Saori says. “I squeezed my unexplainable anxiety into sounds and rhythm of the song.The guitar is people’s cries, the piano describes tragedies and percussions show collision of emotions. All those elements are combined to make this moving and powerful song.”

Listen to “Doki Doki Sounds” now, and purchase it from Ingrid Records when it comes out on July 28.

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