Alex Napping is an Austin, Texas-based indie rock band comprised of guitarist/frontwoman Alex Cohen, bassist Tomas Garcia-Olano, guitarist Adrian Sebastian Haynes, and drummer Andrew Stevens.

Following its 2014 Punctum Records debut, This Is Not A Bedroom, the group returns this spring with a new EP titled “Trembles.” The two-song collection was inspired by a story written by Cohen. “[It’s] about a young man who travels across the country to meet up, and hopefully reconcile, with his girlfriend from college but finds out that she has been dating women,” Cohen said. “It largely explores personal transformation in our early twenties (or lack there of) and how clinging to things from the past can hinder growth and blind you to necessary changes that need to be made. “Trembles Part I” is from her point of view and “Trembles Part II” is from his.”

“Trembles Part II” was released as a single last month and quickly found favor with NPR Music on its “Austin 100 Playlist,” and has also been played on BBC Radio1. Cohen says, “In essence, the song is meant to capture the struggle of experiencing reckless devotion to a person and idealizing them and your history with to them point that you no longer have a grip on reality.”

In contrast to that fantastical theme, the video for “Trembles Part II” is decidedly down-to-Earth. Filmed in a sparsely-decorated room, barring a colorful rug on the wall and a plant in a corner, the video features Cohen performing the song solo on guitar and Suzuki Omnichord. Taken as a whole, since there is no editing aside from mixing mid-range and close-up shots, it feels as if you just happened to step into Cohen’s living room during a practice session.

“Doing the stripped-down version was a personal challenge of sorts,” she said. “A lot of the times when arranging with the band, the songs become something else entirely (never in a bad way), but then there’s the need to re-imagine them with just me and my guitar again, except with the band’s arrangement in mind. I also feel like there’s a special emotional intimacy that comes from stripped down performances, but we’re so inundated with videos of singer songwriters. It provides a fun challenge to come up with ways to capture the intimacy of a performer with her instrument but that goes just a little beyond that to make it unique. Hence why I brought in the omnichord for some backing beats.

Watch the video from “Trembles Part II” here and purchase the “Trembles” EP through Punctum Records.