SXSW 2016 was full of exciting firsts for She Shreds, spanning from our official panel on Representation of Women in Media to the more than 50 bands that graced the stages at our events throughout the week.

During what is one of the biggest corporate festivals in the world—you literally couldn’t take one step without getting inundated with “SXSW exclusive” offers and without guaranteed entry, waits to see bands could take up to two hours—we managed to build an oasis in partnership with Punctum Records that felt more like a family reunion than big business.  Check out a day-by-day photo recap in the next few days starting with day one at Hotel Vegas and followed by day two at Studium (below!). Special thanks to Ernie Ball, LaCroix and Adelbert’s Beer for sponsoring these events!

KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-17 KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-24 KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-23 KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-31

So Pitted

KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-8Photo by Katrina Barber
KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-10Photo by Katrina Barber
KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-7Photo by Katrina Barber

Besos de Lobos

SXSW-DAY-3-2Photo by Lauren Baker
KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-20Photo by Katrina Barber

Izzy True

KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-39Photo by Katrina Barber
KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-38Photo by Katrina Barber

Mal Blum

SXSW-DAY-3-13Photo by Lauren Baker

KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-44Photo by Katrina Barber

Painted Zeros

SXSW-DAY-3-7Photo by Lauren Baker
SXSW-DAY-3-8Photo by Lauren Baker

Claire Puckett

SXSW-DAY-3-15Photo by Lauren Baker
SXSW-DAY-3-17Photo by Lauren Baker
KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-66Photo by Katrina Barber

Aisha Burns

KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-50Photo by Katrina Barber
KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-42Photo by Katrina Barber
KatrinaBarber_SheShredsShowcase_Studium-53Photo by Katrina Barber


SXSW-DAY-3-11Photo by Lauren Baker
SXSW-DAY-3-9Photo by Lauren Baker


SXSW-DAY-3-23Photo by Lauren Baker
SXSW-DAY-3-21Photo by Lauren Baker

SXSW-DAY-3-22Photo by Lauren Baker