The Oliver Junior 

  • Modeled after Oliver 
  • Top: Solid Mahogany or Solid Spruce 
  • Back / sides: Laminated Mahogany
  • Scale Length: 23-1/2″
  • Nut Width: 43 mm
  • Travel (mini) size body style 
  • Starting at $195  ($275 with EQ) 
  • Set up in Orange, California 
  • Ernie Ball Earthwood strings 
  • Optional Fishman Sonitone EQ 

We can all feel good financially and morally about investing in the “Oliver Junior” as a beginner or travel style guitar. The price-point puts this little cutie (available with or without on-board Sonitone Fishman pickups) into the mid-low range, making it pretty accessible, and tending to a notable gap in the acoustic guitar market.  Orangewood now pairs with its own third party financing company, setting up payment plans for those who can’t afford to purchase an instrument outright, which lets face it, is most of us. In cutting out all middle-persons, centering womxn primarily in their marketing strategy, and bringing the product directly to your doorstep, a different kind of guitar company has arrived.

The spirit of the overall tone, and resonance of an acoustic guitar lies within the materials used to create it, each piece of wood holding its own story.  Each guitar becomes a wooden mirror, a reflection of the conditions in which it was grown, cultivated, set up, fine tuned, and loved until the point that it gets to your hands.  Orangewood took all of this heavily into consideration, when creating the Oliver, and then the Oliver Jr. model, choosing bright tones, smooth playing action, light-weight materials, and a backpack carrying case to make your adventures a little easier.  

I enjoyed the Sitka spruce body, which due to its large trunk and straight grain, has the perfect strength/weight ratio.  With the current manufacturing technologies, the ability to now create and distribute a super fairly priced acoustic guitar, perfectly assembled, set up, tuned, and equipped with picks, exists.  No messing around, open the box, take it out and play it. If it doesn’t fit your needs, no worries send it back! You have 30 full days to make your decision, and the shipping is free.  

The company itself was started by a pair of brothers who emigrated to Orange County, California from South Korea in 2004.  After being manufactured overseas in China or Indonesia, depending on the model, the guitars are sent to Los Angeles / Orange County, CA for a complete setup, tuning, and overall quality control. 

The company makes no effort to hide the fact that they utilize overseas manufacturing to keep their price point down. A highly established and well maintained online marketing platform has pushed this up and coming guitar company into the recent spot-light, fueled by primarily womxn guitarists.  Their web-marketing features well curated videos of players of all styles and skill levels, embracing an often overlooked diversity that thrives especially amongst our youngest guitarists.  

Speaking of the youth, the effort to integrate a charitable giving program directly into their overall business model shows that Orangewood cares about more than just making a buck.  

Every sale made puts money back into our own communities, helping to nurture our underfunded and disappearing, or stretched thin school music programs. There has been a universal public outcry in regards to the defunding of music education programs.  Orangewood has taken upon itself to provide for the creative needs of our youth, helping provide the resources necessary to nurture new and existing school programs.

The future of music depends on companies stepping up, and using their voices and resources to keep the music alive.  The hope is that others will follow in succession, providing instruments for, and filling the air with the sounds of young shredders across the globe. Orangewood is a company on a mission, and a potent one at that. Head over to to learn more.