Today and through the weekend 100% of all She Shreds magazine sales (including subscriptions) will be donated to the Sacred Stone camp fighting at Standing Rock against DAPL.

The issues at Standing Rock do not stay in Sacred Stone camp. They live in our everyday lives, in our history and future, in our television, in the music we make, in the conversations we have with our parents, in the safety of our children, in our freedom of speech, in the water we drink, and in the power we possess to actively create change.

The question of progress lies within ourselves: are we going to be distant observers of an impending destruction or are we going to support our larger community in fighting a system that disregards us? This is not a radical idea or act, it is simply an action of awareness.

We feel an intense need to support the water protectors in North Dakota. Supporting ourselves means supporting Standing Rock Sioux tribe fighting against the history of injustice, for their culture, their rights, their beliefs and the essential necessities of life for all of us.

Our definition of shredding goes beyond making music, and into using our voice to create/support community. We at She Shreds must be an example of what that looks like. Understand that this is our livelihood, but without water we don’t even have that.

Visit for information on other ways and forms of donating.  

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