Last month, She Shreds made our annual trek to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, California, where we got to preview some of the best new and upcoming gear of 2017. Check out our thoughts on some of the best guitars and basses we played throughout the show.

Belvedere by DiPinto Guitars
The Belvedere is a great example of an instrument that plays with a smooth, distinct energy, while simultaneously being an incredibly attractive object. It is a modern guitar with a vintage soul. I have been to the DiPinto Guitars’ storefront in Philly and I had a great experience. They are unpretentious, approachable, and unafraid to try new designs. -Leah Wellbaum / Slothrust

Chris Letchford CL7 Signature Multiscale Headless Guitar by Kiesel Guitars
These guitars are definitely super high quality in every aspect. The materials, the construction and the feeling are on the highest level. The quality of the sound and the electronics is great, super sensitive, and very diverse depending on the players need. Also, they can make custom guitars with a lot of different choices for any type of player of any genre. -Laura Klinkert

Oyster Orbit by Malinoski Guitar
The Oyster Orbit by Malinoski Guitar looks like a beautiful muppet creature. Its unusual shape is a bit intimidating, but its fake fur is quite soft. This thing feels alive. If it was wasn’t inappropriate, I would have put my face on this guitar. I favor it as a piece of art as opposed to a practical live guitar choice but, if I saw someone playing one, I would definitely be winking at them all night. -LW

Raven Superbird by Tom Anderson
I have been looking for a guitar like the Raven Superbird by Tom Anderson for the past year. It has a body shape very similar to a Jazzmaster and contains the same tremolo system. However, unlike the Jazzmaster, it is incredibly light. This is a perfect alternative for someone who is attached to their Jazzmaster but wants something that weighs significantly less. It also stays in tune and can do bends up to 5 frets. You will be able to play the guitar solo in “Bohemian Rhapsody” with no problem. Sick. -LW

Relish Guitars
Relish guitars are made in Switzerland and feature a revolutionary construction. All of the components of the guitar are mounted to an aluminum frame. The magnetic back of the guitar pops off to expose all of the electronics making everything completely accessible. The neck is bolted on and sports a beautiful bamboo fingerboard. It is obvious that the details on this guitar are meticulously thought out; it plays and sounds like a dream! –Laurence Vidal

Mike Watt “Wattplower” Signature Bass by Reverend Guitars
Out of all the booths I visited at NAMM, Reverend Guitars’ booth is still forefront in my memory. The Wattplower, the new Mike Watt short-scale, signature bass, particularly caught my attention. Available in satin powder yellow or satin emerald green, this bass has a certain understated elegance. Small embellishments such as the anchor inlay on the first fret and a seventeenth fret marker that says “Wattplower” really give this bass a unique aesthetic. It is equipped with Reverend Guitars custom P-blade pickups that give you a classic P-bass sound with added sustain and low end response. Pick one of these up for $1,399. -LV