In January, She Shreds returned to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, California where we got a taste of the year’s most innovative new and upcoming gear. Check out some thoughts on the best amps of the show from our “official amplifier correspondent,” Gothic Tropic‘s Cecilia Della Peruti.  If you missed our roundup on the best guitars and basses of NAMM 2017, read it here.

Vox Custom
This was the amp I played in Rumspringa. Joey Stevens, our frontman/guitarist, had that Brittany Howard/Dan Auerbach grit and he always used Vox. I always looked up to him as a guitarist. Borrowed from the classic British sound, it’s versatile, and the distortion capabilities are awesome, even at a mellow volume. This amp is also great for tracking.

Fender ’57 Custom Pro-Amp
I like this amp because it’s similar to the vintage Fender Bassman amp I used to play. It belonged to our previous bassist Daniel Denton. He kept that beauty in great condition and like the ’57 Custom Pro, it was pure tube and hand-wired. The tones from the Fender ‘57 Custom are fat, rich and glassy. It has good power output so when you want to push air, you’re not losing clarity. That beloved cover is also a great homage to the highly sought-after 50s narrow-panel tweed amps.

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb
This is personally my bread and butter. This amp is incredibly versatile and has the timeless tones that were used in the top studios in the 60s. The reverb and vibrato is tube driven so it’s also got that “authentic” sound. This is the most classic amplifier option for any guitarist, and a definite staple piece for any studio.

Orange Custom
This amp is clear, loud, and straightforward. It’s great for anyone who wants more volume and a wide sonic image. It has a thick and edgy sound, and you can really push this amp without sacrificing tone. This single channel amp still has some great functions, and really packs a punch.