Counterculture will never be dead as long as culture is breathing.

There’s an infamous shot of Sonic Youth with Kim Gordon in a green tee. It reads, “Girls invented punk rock, not England” and on one hand, it’s spot on. On the other, there’s a burgeoning underground music scene in London that belongs to the girls and the nonbinary.

As a contributor to Get in her Ears, a platform, radio show, publication, gig stagers and all around badasses, I’ve been able to be privy to a bunch of artists that are exciting, fresh and who show, undoubtedly, that revolution isn’t dead.

Dream Wife

Dream Wife formed as a project between three art students, and their sound hit it off so well that they caught the eye of Shirley Manson. From there, they toured with Garbage. Their poppy-punk is a good time score for oftentimes depressing lyrics.

For fans of: Elastica, Metric

Nova Twins

Throw 2008 Peaches into a blender with N.E.R.D. and you might scrape the barriers of what Nova Twins are about. Their sound is wholly raw, with undeniable bass lines that make you want to jump on top of the bar to take off your clothes.

For fans of: Peaches, System of a Down

Mally Harpaz

Mally Harpaz is a multi-instrumentalist who makes music out of anything she touches. As well as spending time on the road with Anna Calvi, she’s also been composing her own stuff. With compositions that evoke endless emotion, her upcoming album promises to be back-to-back solid.

For fans of: Erik Satie, Explosions in the Skynull

Madame So

Paris-born and London-based, Madame So’s music is the kind of lo-fi prose punk far-too-dismissed these days. Any way you look at it and however you feel about your eras of music, there’s a poetic prowess to So’s lyrics that perfectly encapsulate a “looking for fucks to give” mantra.

For fans of: Hole, Republica

Let’s Eat Grandma

Although formed in 2013, the sludgy, electro-pop stylings of Let’s Eat Grandma appeal to (and are a symptom of) the Brexit generation. The girls have matured massively since their first record and there’s a new electric rising on the horizon and it starts here.

PS. ‘Hot Pink’ was also produced by the one and only SOPHIE.

For fans of: HINDS, Fever Ray

Hazel Iris

Classically trained soprano Hazel Iris hails from the coast of California but it wasn’t until she reached the streets of the Square Mile that she started to write her own music. Cabaret mixes with opera, classical and indie for a sound wholly unlike you’ve heard before.

For fans of: Joanna Newsom, Regina Spektor


I’m not going to pull any punches – I love Shopping. Although their band name makes Google searches impossible, it’s also worth the trawl. Anybody who likes DEVO the way I do, will like Shopping the way I do.

For fans of: The B-52s, Violent Femmes

Ms. Mohammed

Ms. Mohammed blends on-the-verge 90s punk with West Indy beats that have caught the attention of the one and only Iggy Pop. It’s a mixture I’d wager has never been seen before, nor will be again. Openly queer and unafraid to open the gates to the shit we should be talking about, she’s also the founder of CLITROCK.

For fans of: PJ Harvey, Skunk Anansie

Lava La Rue

There isn’t a lot that West London-grown artist Lava La Rue cannot do. Alongside friends she went to college with, she’s a founding member of the NiNE8 Collective – a group of talent on the verge of something huge that also includes Biig Piig and Nayana both of which are more than worth a search. Turning poetry into rap, r&b, fashion, and art, La Rue is one to watch.

For fans of: Erykah Badu, Three 6 Mafia

Bitch Hunt

Queer/trans DIY alternative band Bitch Hunt are only just coming into the limelight. Their low-key, lo-fi, fuck-you-up bass-driven tracks will make you think 90s with-a-side-of-apathy. With true-to-life lyrics that will smack you in the face, all they want is for us to be ready to party.

For fans of: Team Dresch, 7 Year Bitch