Last night we had the privilege of catching Los Angeles based badass babes, Upset and Colleen Green when they stopped in Portland to play Bunk Bar.

The dreamy Portland quartet, Appendixes, opened the set and regardless of missing their drummer, threw out some hot reverb’d jams reminiscent of Beach House and Blouse with Mazzy Star vocals and The Cure guitar riffs sprinkled on top.


I’d been hearing a lot about Upset who, from some brief research, are a band of all-star musicians made up of members of Death Valley Girls, Vivian Girls, La Sera, Benny the Jet Rodriguez, and Hole. That being said, Upset’s distorted barre chords, simple guitar solos and sporadic harmonies put me inside of a ‘90s classic cult film, which is really one of the best things I could ask for from a band. At one point singer and guitarist, Ali Koehler paid tribute to the ATM machine, randomly placed in the front row, making it a hilarious highlight of the night.

Colleen Green-3

Closing out the show was stoner-pop rock extraordinaire, Colleen Green. I haven’t stopped listening to her latest album, “I Don’t Want To Grow Up” recently released on Hardly Art, so I was particularly excited to see it live. I was expecting at least three people on stage, and was pleasantly surprised to find that she’s a one-woman show––and totally kills it. Green starts off the set by putting on sunglasses and saying “I know we’re all a little tired from last night (4/20), I know I am” and then proceeds to turn on her beat machine before filling the room with grungy chords. Watching Green’s live performance was like listening to completely great and different versions of her albums; that alone is reason enough to check it out.