How to Disinfect Musical Instruments During Covid-19

We spoke with luthier Nicole Alosinac about how to disinfect musical instruments, the most common methods, and how they could  more

Be Your Own Manager Part Four: Copyright and Business Formation

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she outlines the  more

How to Disinfect Musical Instruments During Covid-19

We spoke with luthier Nicole Alosinac about how to disinfect musical instruments, the most common methods, and how they could  more

Scene Report: 50 Women Builders and Repairers in the Guitar Industry

Mamie Minch, co-founder of Brooklyn Lutherie, compiled a list of 50 women builders and repairers in the guitar industry that  more

Lesson: Practical Strumming Tips with Tone in Mind

If your tone isn’t quite right, it could be a result of how you hold your pick and/or strum. We’ve  more

Lesson: Learn How to Build an Amp from an Old Radio

Looking for a new project and a sick way to add some spice to your music gear? Learn how to  more

Be Your Own Manager Part Two: Staying Organized and Booking Gigs

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she’ll outline the basics to  more

The Feel of Music with Guest Editor Adrienne Hailey

Adrienne Hailey, bassist for Sammus and 79.5, shares the importances of “the feel” of music, her pre-show rituals, and a  more

The Versatility of Loopers: Practicing Solos and Live Hacks

Loopers offers endless experimenting for both practice and live performance. We broke down some key uses with the help of  more

Introduction to Selling Your Gear on Reverb: Part Two

In this two-part series, we layout the basics on selling gear you no longer use, and how it can pay  more

Be Your Own Manager Part One: Why Self-Management?

Guitar Gabby has self-managed herself and the Txlips for the last five years. In this four-part series, she’ll outline the  more

Dual Action Truss Rod System: How A Neck Adjustment Goes A Long Way

A simple neck adjustment to your guitar might be all you need to get your tone sounding on point. We  more

Shredding Southpaw: A Conversation with Left-Handed Musicians

We spoke with left-handed musicians Kathy Foster, Shamir, Madeline McCormack, and Cat Park about the unusual challenges and perks of  more

Yousician Puts Learning Music In Your Hands, On Your Time

Yousician aims at making “musicality as common as literacy” with an affordable app designed for all skills levels, that can  more

Fender American Ultra Precision Bass Inspires Creativity and Offers a Contoured Body that Hugs You Back

With a slimmer neck, noiseless pickups, and contoured body, the Fender American Ultra Precision Bass should definitely be on your  more

Gear on A Budget This Holiday Season

Whether you’re looking for affordable gear for gifts or yourself, here’s a list of our favorite gear on a budget  more

Women-Owned Businesses in the Guitar Industry to Support This Holiday Shopping Season

We made a list of 10 women-owned businesses in the guitar industry that are doing innovative work that you should  more

Sound Control: Scottish Pop Rock Band Sacred Paws Shares Their Gear

Glasgow’s Sacred Paws gave She Shreds a sneak peak into the music gear they use to shape their bright and  more

Get Wiser with Synthesizers: A Budget-Friendly Guide for Beginners

Feeling synful? *insert devil and keyboard emojis* We put together a guide on how synthesizers can help you get freaky  more

Lesson: The Basics of Improvising Solos on Guitar

Improvising on your guitar takes practice to sound effortless. Learn the basic steps to get you rippin’ solos out of  more

The Eventide Rose Pedal Has Everything but the Thorns

Just like the petals of a rose, the Eventide Rose modular delay pedal has many lush layers—but unlike the flower,  more

Compress Yourself: Learning How to Use Compression

Compression controls the dynamic, or the relationship between loud and quiet parts of sound. Learn about how compression can help  more

Self-Care for Your Guitar: A Maintenance Guide

Self-care for your guitar is just as important as self-care for yourself. We put together a guide to keep your  more

DAW Reviews: An Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations

DAW got you down? We broke down the functions and capabilities of some of the most popular digital audio workstations—so  more

Ernie Ball Offers Short Scale StingRay Bass—And It’s A Big Deal

The Ernie Ball StingRay bass has been the company’s most iconic and best-selling instrument to date, and it’s now available  more

Mirroring the Original Magic: Fender Vintera ‘70s Thinline Telecaster

The Fender Vintera Series pays homage to the most pivotal decades in early rock music by recreating a nostalgic reliability  more

Introduction to Selling Your Gear on Reverb: Part One

In this two-part series, we layout the basics on selling gear you no longer use, and how it can pay  more

Taylor Guitars Leads the Movement For Forest Restoration in The Industry

With forest restoration, ecology research, community engagement, and original V-Class bracing, Taylor Guitars creates a conscientious and flawless tone. To  more

Mermaidens Release Exclusive Moon Cycle Chorus Pedal with Album Preorder

From writing psyche-soaked pop songs to designing a chorus pedal to elevate their sound and promote collaboration, Mermaidens are on  more

Sound Control: Tanukichan

Oakland-based Tanukichan, aka multi-instrumentalist Hannah van Loon, gave She Shreds a sneak peak into her studio for our Sound Control  more

The Guide to Building Your Own Pedal Board on a Budget

DIY pedal board and the essential gear you’ll need (while being thrifty) to create a clear plan. Building a great  more

Getting Capable: Learning How to Use a Capo

Using a capo may seem intimidating if you’ve never played with one, but once you understand its purpose, a whole  more

Up to Speed: Exercises for Fast Playing

This article originally appeared in She Shreds Magazine Issue #17, released April 2019. Players of all levels can benefit from  more

Elixir OptiWeb Electric Guitar Strings Were Made For The Pros

Elixir’s custom coated electric guitar strings reduce finger noise while increasing tone life and playability. More often than not, electric  more

The Fender Player Series Jazzmaster is All About Vintage Looks and Modern Playability

The Jazzmaster of the Past… Fender is one of the oldest and most popular manufacturers of musical instruments today. They  more

GIVEAWAY: Pride Rainbow Rêver Pedal

Datachoir x Old Blood Noise teamed up to design a one-of-a-kind pedal in celebration of pride month, the Pride Rainbow  more

Orangewood: The Perfect Mini Guitar For Your Next Big Adventure

The Oliver Junior  Modeled after Oliver Top: Solid Mahogany or Solid Spruce Back / sides: Laminated MahoganyScale Length: 23-1/2″Nut Width: 43 mmTravel  more

GIVEAWAY: S-200 T-Bird In Antique Burst Guild Guitar

ENTER NOW to for a chance to win the Guild Guitar S-200 T-Bird. It’s a performance enhanced version of the  more

GIVEAWAY: Nomad Board AND Outlaw Effects New Pedals

One lucky person will win this dreamy setup. Enter for a chance to win this setup that includes the Outlaw  more

String Selects: Knowing Your Perfect String Type (Electric Guitar)

In this string overview you’ll learn about the varying components that affect your tone and how they can determine whether  more

Review: The Ernie Ball Monarchy Series Majesty

Even playing the Monarchy Series Majesty through a tiny amp will still melt a room. The tones are so clear;  more

How To Change Your Ukulele Strings

Changing your ukulele strings for the first time? At the tail end of the 1800s, Portuguese immigrants from Madeira and  more

How To Treat Your Cables Right (And Prevent a Meltdown on Stage)

3 simple yet overlooked practices that are essential to keeping your cables healthy, and your performances stress free. Whether you’ve  more

Women’s History Month Series: The Story Behind Peggy Jones

It’s 1957. Peggy Jones is walking outside of the Apollo Theater. There’s a guitar case slung over her back, an  more

Jazz Guitar 101: Must-Knows for Beginners

by Susan Palmer, Guitar Instructor and author of “The Guitar Lesson Companion” method books LeadCatPress.com Upon first listen, jazz guitarist  more

Boutique On A Budget: The Major Overdrive by Animals Pedals 

This boutique style pedal by Animals Pedals is accessible, visually artful, and a wonderful addition to any pedal board! Formerly  more

Synthesizer Series: How to Make Your Guitar Sound Like A Synth

This is the third part of a three part series exploring the use in synthesizers in music. Just because you  more

Synthesizer Series: How To Dial it All In

This is the second part of a three part series exploring the use in synthesizers in music. Like any other  more

Synthesizer Series: Does Any of This Make Synths?

This is the first part of a three part series exploring the use in synthesizers in music. AN INTRODUCTION    more

How to Begin a Long Term Loving Relationship with Your Bass

So you want to play Bass Guitar? The bass guitar is probably one of the funkiest instruments you could ever  more

Review: Fender Player Series Stratocaster

Fender Player Series Stratocaster is keeping it classic with some contemporary updates. Released in 2018,the newest version of the classic  more

“It’s Impossible to Destroy”: Meklit On Afrofuturism, Star Technology, and Immigration Activism

Meklit discusses activism through music and bringing sounds to life from the everyday world around us. Meklit, born Meklit Hadero,  more

Born Into Rebellion: How Dignidad y Resistencia Merge Music and Liberation

Meet Dignidad and Resistencia, a band compromised of young women born into a revolution that predates their births. Four young  more

It’s the Season of Giving: Win the Ernie Ball Grand Prize Pack!

Enter to win the Ernie Ball Grand Prize Pack! We’re getting close to the holidays, which means it’s always a  more

Get to Know the Grace VanderWaal Signature Fender Ukulele

The Grace VanderWaal Signature Fender Ukulele gives an honest and even tone, rich of sound and history. From hometown coffee  more

Don’t Know Much About Guitar Picks?

A short and quick guide on what you need to know about picks For many of us, spending time considering  more

The Ernie Ball Cutlass RS HSS Offers Creative Tones

The Ernie Ball Cutlass has diverse range in tone, a simple set up, cool modern “buzz killer” and multiple color  more

GIVEAWAY: GPCRSG from Martin Guitar

One lucky winner will get a brand new Martin Guitars GPCRSG. Enter to win now! The Martin GPCRSG is a  more

In the Hands of Women: The Tradition and Transformation of the Oud

This article originally appeared in the print version of She Shreds Issue #15, which was released in July, 2018. Meet  more

Review: The Martin GPCRSG Stands Behind Quality Craftsmanship

The Martin GPCRSG is about quality, full sound and conscious durability.  The Martin GPCRSG (Grand Performance Model),  a member of  more

#1RiffADay Week 4 Round Up

Can you believe our #1RiffADay challenge is coming to an end? All you brave shredders out there created at least  more

GIVEAWAY! Yvette Young Custom Painted Compression Pedal

One lucky winner will get a brand new EarthQuaker Warden Compress pedal custom painted by Yvette Young from Covet. Custom  more

Fender’s Three New Pedals Are For Musicians Ready to Take the Stage

Fender’s new lineup of effects pedals gives musicians sonic transparency and tonal flexibility. Fender’s three new pedals give a diverse  more

The Hot Rod Series Crafts Powerful and Signature Sounds

Reliable, powerful and clean. If you’ve played a backlined gig, or have researched affordable combo amps that pull out all  more

#1RiffADay Week 1 Round Up

We challenge you to our #1RiffADay challenge for the month of September. Are you stuck in a creative rut? Have  more

Review: Ernie Ball StingRay Special

The Ernie Ball StingRay Special is a powerful reengineered bass that keeps sharp players in mind. In 1976, one of  more

Be Your Own Marketing Expert Pt. 1: Let’s Start With Email

Whether you’re trying to get people out to your band’s first show or trying to sell tickets for a major  more

Review: The Fender American Original ’50s Fender Stratocaster

The Fender American Original pays close attention to classic specs, while adding a few but wise upgrades to these mastery  more

Gear Talk: Betsy Wright of Bat Fangs

From stealing her brother’s ‘90s Stratocaster to her 1978 Fender Mustang, Betsy Wright takes us through her favorite gear.  Betsy  more

Pedals Pt. 6: What’s All That Noise? Our Trouble Shooting Guide

This Summer She Shreds has hosted monthly workshops at our HQ in Portland, OR, based on the subjects of guitar, management, and  more

Pedals Pt. 5: Building-Your-Own (Simple) Pedalboard!

This Summer She Shreds has hosted monthly workshops at our HQ in Portland, OR, based on the subjects of guitar, management, and  more

Pedals Pt. 4: Pedal Chain Configuration!

This Summer She Shreds has hosted monthly workshops at our HQ in Portland, OR, based on the subjects of guitar,  more

Pedals Pt. 3: Getting Real With Your Cables!

This Summer She Shreds has hosted monthly workshops at our HQ in Portland, OR, based on the subjects of guitar,  more

Pedals Pt. 2: Identifying Your Power Supply!

This Summer She Shreds has hosted monthly workshops at our HQ in Portland, OR, based on the subjects of guitar,  more

Effects, Chain Configuration, Troubleshooting, and DIY Pedalboard Series Pt. 1

This Summer She Shreds has hosted monthly workshops at our HQ in Portland, OR, based on the subjects of guitar,  more

Review: Music Man’s 2018 St. Vincent HH Offers Thickness and Grit

Annie Clark and Ernie Ball Music Man introduce a new guitar to their St. Vincent Collection. When the original St.  more

Review: The 2018 Fender Hot Rod Blues Deluxe Is A Tweed Dream

The re-issued Fender Blues Deluxe provides sturdy reliability, making it a solid amp to take on the road, or anywhere  more

Review: Fender’s American Original ’60s Jaguar Recreates Magic

The overall appearance of this guitar will  knock your socks off with its flashy shiny panels and complex, curvy contour.  more

The Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal Is Thrilling, Innovative, Yet Still Classic

There are many tremolo pedals on the market that offer some level of control via the use of a separate  more

Give It Away: Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal

If it’s the summer of giveaways, might as well giveaway something rad! One lucky winner will get a brand new  more

Enter to Win: Pyramids Stereo Flanging Device by EarthQuaker Devices!

Let the summer giveaway begin! Get started by winning an EarthQuaker Flanging Device like you’ve never seen before. Eight flanger  more

Anything But Square: The Pyramids Stereo Flanging Device by Earthquaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices has bestowed upon us a stereo flanging device that blows all other flangers out of the water. Originally,  more

For the Road Warrior, The Eventide H9 Is the All-In-One Tour Buddy Of Your Dreams

The Eventide H9 Max is a guitarists’ secret weapon. For a session player or hired gun, it means you’ll never  more

Sterling by Music Man’s Ray24CA Bass Offers Versatility, Aesthetic, and Comfort at Half The Price

In 1976, Music Man introduced what became its signature bass, the StingRay. With its quirky rounded features, egg-shaped pickguard, and  more

Ernie Ball Launches New Expression Tremolo Pedal and We Love It

With the arrival of the Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo, the company’s Expression series feels more complete. If you’ve had the  more

Who Is The Modern Guitarist? Let’s Talk About It.

For decades, considering yourself a guitarist has meant subscribing to a certain culture—one that for many has been un-relatable and  more

Bursts and Natural Wood Reign in Ernie Ball Music Man’s Latest Ball Family Reserve Guitars

You’ve always been a Very Important Player to us, but thanks to Ernie Ball Music Man’s Ball Family Reserve Guitars,  more

Rad Giveaway Alert: Win A Seafoam Green Jetstar by Guild

If you came out to our unofficial SXSW party in Austin last week (or read about it and caught our  more

Photo Diary: She Shreds LA Gear Swap

In the spirit of combining the worlds of gear, creative expression, and community, She Shreds hosted its first ever Gear  more

The Way: Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr teaches, “Told You I’d be With the Guys”

Despite what you may have been told by teachers, friends, or even fellow guitarists, there’s no one right approach to  more

Win ‘Em #2: Space Spiral, Data Corrupter and Erupter from EarthQuaker Devices

If you thought our first gear giveaway this holiday season was double trouble, check out this triple threat, courtesy of  more

Win ‘Em #1: Sneak Attack + Lil’ Buddy Pedals from Malekko

Tis the season to shred! In celebration of our amazing community and rad music everywhere, She Shreds is giving away  more

Nuts and Bolts: What’s in a Whammy Bar?

It’s hard to love guitar music without falling in love with the whammy. From the subtle warble of surf to  more

Gear Guide: For EMA, Guitar is Just the Beginning…

When it comes to playing guitar, Erika M. Anderson, aka EMA, makes no bones about flipping the usual expectations on  more

Review: The 2017 Fender Mustang Versus Its Vintage Predecessor

In 1964, Fender rolled out a line of affordable, short-scale guitars called Mustang with the intention that they’d be a  more

Bow Chicka Wah Wah: Electro-Harmonix Release Cock Fight Plus Pedal

Visiting  Electro-Harmonix in New York was one of the coolest experiences a gear head could hope for. Meeting and interviewing  more

Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings Deliver on Promise of Unparalleled Reliability

As a punk rock and hardcore guitarist, my relationship with guitar strings can be described as complicated and short-lived—I put  more

Eve Alpert of Palm on Exploring Time Signatures and Meter

Palm is a four-piece indie rock band that is currently based in Philadelphia. Their sound mixes a wide array of  more

Vox MV50 AC Delivers Power and Versatility in a Tiny Package

As an artist you know that no matter what gear you use to create, big or small, expensive or cheap,  more

Rhythm Styles for the Right Hand

This lesson originally appeared in the twelfth issue of She Shreds, published in April, 2017. Subscribe here and receive your  more

Review: Plug and Play with Burger Records’ Burger Buddy

The Burger Buddy updates the standard cassette player for the modern tape listener. It can also be a helpful tool  more

The Way Ep. 4: Deep Sea Diver’s Jessica Dobson Teaches “Always Waiting”

Just as classic songs can sound completely different depending on who is interpreting them, no two musician approach their instrument  more

Gear Guide: Jade Jackson’s Love of Dreadnought Guitars

Just as Willie Nelson can still please crowds strumming a few songs on the worn-out Martin N-20 acoustic guitar he  more

Nuts and Bolts 6: How do I Improve the Playability of My Guitar? Truss Rod and Action Adjustments

The latest in our Nuts and Bolts series takes a look at adjustments you can make to your guitar for  more

EarthQuaker Devices’ Erupter Delivers on Promise of “Ultimate Fuzz”

One knob, an unreal amount of possibilities. EarthQuaker Devices president, product designer, and legendary pedal builder, Jamie Stillman, calls the  more

Gear Guide: Chelsea Wolfe on Tone, Songwriting and Preference

Chelsea Wolfe has forged a sound that draws from a plethora of styles including heavy rock, ambient, folk, metal, and  more

Yvette Young on Guitar Tapping for Beginners

Yvette Young, the gifted guitarist for instrumental progressive math rock band, Covet, has been absorbed with music from an early  more

Sleuthing Out Lutherie: Tools to Build On with Jayne Henderson and Rachel Rosenkrantz

So, you’re interested in building your own guitar, but the idea of acquiring the experience and tools seems way too  more

The Way Ep. 3: La Luz’s Shana Cleveland Teaches “Sure as Spring”

Every artist has their own way of learning and relating to music. For some it’s through classical methods such as  more

Build Your Own Pedals: Getting Started

If you’re someone who is interested in building your own effects pedals but are overwhelmed with where to start, I  more

Gear Guide: Esben and the Witch

Esben and the Witch works in rich musical tapestries that range from gothic-tinged, atmospheric melodies, to chugging rhythms, to enormous,  more

The Gear Behind Gothic Tropic’s Debut LP, ‘Fast or Feast’, Stream Full Album Now

Gothic Tropic is the brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti, a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist whose skills on the guitar have  more

Nuts and Bolts 5: Choosing and Installing your Pickups

With the exception of hand-me-downs, most of us probably picked out our guitars in a similar fashion. We notice the  more

Gear Guide: Vagabon’s Lætitia Tamko On Building Her “Full Band” Sound

Vagabon is the musical project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Lætitia Tamko. Born in Cameroon, where she first developed her love  more

NAMM 2017: Pedals, Accessories, and More Stuff We Loved

In January we headed to Anaheim, California for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show. We’ve already reported back  more

NAMM 2017: Amps We Loved

In January, She Shreds returned to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, California where we got  more

NAMM 2017: Guitars and Basses We Loved

Last month, She Shreds made our annual trek to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, California,  more

Nuts and Bolts 4: Troubleshooting and DIY Fixes for Guitar Electronics

You love your guitar, but all of a sudden it’s buzzing and driving you up the wall. Or: you have  more

Gear Guide: Nik West’s Funk Essentials

When it comes to funk music, bassist Nik West cuts right to the core. “Tone, tone, tone! And major feel! Funk  more

10 Women Luthiers You Should Know

While there may not be as many women luthiers in the guitar industry as there are men, their numbers are  more

The Guide: A She Shreds Roundup of Gear Favorites

People of the Shred life, we are stoked to introduce the first annual She Shreds roundup of gear we use,  more

Gear Guide: Lydia Loveless on the Evolution of Her Songwriting and Gear

Born Lydia Ankrom, Lydia Loveless was raised on a farm in rural Ohio before her family relocated to Columbus when  more

Ariel Bui on Ear Training for Guitarists and How to Improve Your Skills

As any guitarist or bassist will tell you, creating music has as much to do with listening as it does  more

After Recording Her First Live Album, Lissie Shares Tips For Recording Your Show

Folk-rock guitarist/songwriter Lissie (born Elisabeth Corrin Maurus) was raised in Rock Island, Illinois and began making a name for herself  more

Nuts and Bolts 3: How Does this Thing Work? Putting the “Electric” in Electric Guitar

The body of an electric guitar is most often made from a solid block of wood. You pluck, strum, or  more

Unseen Rhythms: The Bass and its Jazz Mavens 1900-Present

[This article originally appeared in She Shreds Issue 8, published in the spring of 2015] The electric bass was developed  more

Black Table’s Mers Sumida on Preparing For and Getting Through Your Studio Session

New York / New Jersey metal band Black Table made waves with their 2012 genre-blurring EP, “Sentinel,” but after an  more

Ernie Ball’s Expression Series Pedals take Delay and Overdrive to the Next Level

If you have ever asked anyone for volume pedal suggestions, chances are they will tell you to check out Ernie  more

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run Stereo Delay and Reverb Pedal

Let me start by saying, the Avalanche Run by EarthQuaker Devices is a cool pedal. I like the way it  more

Tips and Tricks: Advice From 4 Pedal Builders and Designers

Let’s face it: there is no lack of women playing music—we are everywhere—but we at She Shreds couldn’t help but  more

Gear Guide: Fuzz Fanatics Kamikaze Girls Share Their Favorite Pedals

Longtime musical collaborators Lucinda Livingstone and drummer Conor Dawson, reinvented themselves into Kamikaze Girls in 2014, and set to work  more

Nuts and Bolts 2: How Do I Check My Intonation and How Do I Fix It?

Sometimes you might tune your guitar, get everything sounding perfect with the strings open and when playing close to the  more

Gear Guide: Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Shares Her Love of Guitars and Favorite Gear

For out latest Gear Guide, we spoke with none other than Against Me! frontwoman and She Shreds Issue 9 cover  more

Review: PRS CE 24

Since 1985, Paul Reed Smith has been producing top-of-the-line guitars. The original CE, or “Classic Electric,” model was unveiled in  more

Four Early Punk Icons and Their Gear

In punk music, a disregard for what is considered the mainstream “cool” gear of the day (Les Pauls, Marshalls, etc)  more

Helms Alee’s Dana James on Working Through Tough Spots in Song Development

With a mix of melody-driven post-rock, punk, prog, and pop, enormous, chugging riffs, and unusual use of time signatures and  more

Review: Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Bass 40th Anniversary Model

In 1976, Music Man introduced one of the most classic of bass guitar designs of all time, the StingRay. With  more

Gear Wolf: Distortion Duel, Big Muff “Pi” Reissue vs. The Talons

The electric guitar and amplifier first became popular in the 1930s, and in the nearly 90 years since, guitarists have  more

The Julie Ruin’s Sara Landeau on Overcoming Creative Ruts

Creative ruts happen to everyone from time to time. It’s a fact of life. Most musicians and artists have developed  more

Nuts and Bolts: Restringing Your Classical, Electric and Bass Guitars

If your guitar is sounding a little dull and lifeless, won’t stay in tune, or you can’t remember the last  more

Photos: She Shreds Setup and Maintenance Workshop

Last Saturday we hosted a workshop on how to set up and maintain your guitar at Service studio here in  more

Step by Step: Restoring Your Guitar or Bass to its Former Glory

Saturday, June 25th She Shreds will host a workshop in Portland, Oregon that will teach you how to set up  more

Gear Guide: Dilly Dally Talks Vintage Gear and Why You Can’t Put Reverb on Everything

Dilly Dally has been a band for seven years, and over those seven years its original members Liz Ball and  more

Gear Wolf: The Reissue Issue

Gear Wolf is a new column exploring gear and instrument options in today’s marketplace.  I have always had an affinity  more

Enter To Win The New Fender Elite Series Bass + Accessories

Starting Tuesday May 24th until Tuesday May 31st She Shreds will be running an exclusive contest across all of our  more

Video: St. Vincent Answers Questions About New Signature Guitar

Earlier this year Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, made waves in the guitar industry with the announcement of her St.  more

Fretboard 101: The Five Octave Patterns

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

Plugged In: The Beginners Guide To Buying and Troubleshooting Amps

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

Intro to Pedals: Defining Effects and Signal Chain

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

The Story of Maybelle Carter + “Wildwood Flower” Tabs

[In celebration of the 10th issue of She Shreds, we will be posting some of our favorite selections from across  more

The Way Ep. 2: Des Ark Teaches “Ties”

In our latest episode, Aimeé Argote, founder of North Carolina-based dynamic folk/noise rock group, Des Ark, walks us step-by-step through  more

NAMM 2016: The Products, The Culture, The Progress

For those who haven’t attended the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) at the Convention Center in the heart of  more

She Shreds SXSW: Deap Vally’s Festival Dos and Don’ts for Bands

Large-scale festivals like SXSW can be intimidating for musicians who are new to navigating the chaos of the festival circuit.  more

The Way Ep. 1: Holly Miranda Teaches “Everlasting”

Every artist has their own way of learning, playing, teaching, and relating to music. As musicians, we’re taught that there  more

White Mystery’s Miss Alex White Unveils First Signature Effects Pedal, The Firekeeper

White Mystery guitarist and singer Alex White is best known for performing high-octane rock’n’roll with her brother, drummer Francis White,  more

SSR #2: PRS Standard 22 Satin


SSR #1: The Electric Loog Red


St. Vincent Designs Guitar with Women’s Bodies in Mind

Ladies and gentlemen, what I’m about to tell you might literally make you jump up with joy and make all  more

Old Blood Noise Reflector Pedal Demo with Mandii Larsen

This is the final installation of our collaboration and giveaway series with She Shreds Magazine. For this video we featured  more

Old Blood Noise Procession Pedal Demo with Penny Pitchlynn

And thus we enter week three of the She Shreds and Old Blood Noise Endeavors collaboration/ giveaway. This week our  more

Old Blood Noise Haunt Pedal Demo with Rachel Brashear

We’re happy to carry on our custom color scheme giveaway and collaboration with She Shreds. This week Rachel Brashear came  more

Old Blood Noise Black Fountain Demo with Sarah Reid

We are honored to announce that we’re collaborating with Old Blood Noise on a giveaway and short video series. Sarah  more

What’s Up in the Studio: Mixing Basics

After tracks are recorded, the engineer begins the editing and mixing processes. The goal of mixing is to sculpt and  more

What’s Up in the Studio: Speakers & Cables

Let’s review the ground we covered in the first couple of installments: The sound source or microphone connects to the  more

What’s Up in the Studio: Audio Interfaces

For many years, even the world’s most renowned audio engineers were only able to record a couple tracks at a  more

What’s Up in the Studio: Microphones

Whether you’re experimenting in your basement or laying down tracks at a large format studio, your microphone choice will impact  more

NAMM 2014 Report

It’s 5:15 pm—less than an hour before the lights will be shut down throughout the massive Anaheim Convention Center—when from  more