Two weeks ago we told you about the exciting news of Le Tigre reuniting. Today the lo-fi electro-punk trio that stole our feminist hearts with body shaking beats and perfectly relatable lyrics about smashing the patriarchy, released its first single (and video) since 2004.

With lyrics such as “Who do we want? We want HRC” and “Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye, TR**P HAS GOT TO GO,” it’s no secret that the video single is exclusively summoned to promote presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton in tonight’s Presidential debate—while perhaps giving the middle finger to that who shall not be named (rightfully so).

Regardless, the 80s inspired drum machines, distorted angular guitars and melodic vocals that highlight Hanna’s always-inspiring political messages continue to make up the Le Tigre we’ve always known and loved. Buuuuuut like, can we get a US tour or..?

As depressing as it is, make sure to watch tonight’s presidential debate starting at 9PM ET, register to vote and then go out and make it count on Nov. 8th.