Larkin Poe is the rootsy Southern rock group fronted by sisters guitarist/vocalist Rebecca Lovell and lapsteel guitarist / vocalist Megan Lovell.

The sisters began playing music together as teenagers growing up in Georgia, leading a bluegrass-focused group before reinventing themselves as Larkin Poe in 2010. Since then, they’ve released five EPs (with four named for each season) as well as two full-length albums, most recently Reskinned (RH Music) in April, 2016.

Larkin Poe’s latest video, for the track “Blunt” illustrates the raw power of the still emerging band. Directed by Raja Virdi, the video was shot at a sold out performance London’s Borderline venue and captures a up-close-and-personal experience that makes the viewer feel as if they are in the front row of the show. “The energy in the room that night was electric. “Blunt” came as an intimate moment in the set list. Looking out into the crowd and seeing people singing along with the words broke our hearts open wide,” says Rebecca Lovell, speaking on behalf of the sisters.

The video’s audio, recorded and produced by James Denness and Record Live, brings out the magnetism and spiritual vibe of the track even more so than the studio take. “We are strange people living in even stranger times. Oftentimes, plotting a course forward feels difficult and confusing… How does one affect positive change in their lifetime? It’s a big question. With ‘Blunt,’ we’re not trying to answer the question, we’re just trying to ask it,” Lovell says.

Check out the video below and get ready to see Larkin Poe next time they play near you. Rebecca Lovell is playing a Fender Shawbucker Stratocaster through a Fender Deluxe amp, and Megan plays a Rickenbacker Lap Steel guitar through a Fender Vibrolux amp.