We said we wouldn’t, but it’s too fun to stop. So here we are: our 5-year anniversary of throwing unofficial and underground shows during SXSW plus our literal 5-year anniversary of existing. We’re going all out this time with some of our favorite bands and companies joining us. RSVP on Do512! 

What You Need To Know

First of all this is not a SXSW show—it’s a She Shreds show!

  • It’s FREE with your RSVP on Do512 but limited to a capacity.
  • Time slots will not be revealed but get there early if you want to get in—trust us you will want to be there all day!
  • Prove to us that you’re a shredder and you’ll get special treatment.
  • This is a safe space where people can come together to celebrate the impact of women and nonbinary people shredding (whatever that might mean to you!). If you’re not cool with that, we suggest you listen from the outside or allow us to blow your mind.


SHE SHREDS at Kinda Tropical (3501 E. 7th St.)
Tuesday, March 13th 2018
12pm – 8pm
Gracias por todo: D’AddarioGuildMartinFenderDo512

La Luz

Speedy Ortiz





Snail Mail

Becca Mancari

Haley Heynderickx


French Vanilla

Mint Field