She Shreds Media seeks a dynamic, creative, guitar and bass loving Editor to take our mission and blow it up in the digital world. Over the past five years, She Shreds Magazine has developed a strong editorial voice that has led the conversation of women musicians in the industry.

With this position, we aim to develop unique content, campaigns and curriculums that not only showcase the womxn, gear, and perspectives on guitar and guitar playing, but also teach and build new communities of players.

This position requires previous experience in fields of media and managing and demands the ability to connect communities and see growth on a grassroots and brand level. Please do not apply if you have less than a year’s experience. Resumes and cover letters will be accepted until May 1st and contacted by May 8th for interviews. 

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject ONLINE EDITOR: [insert your name] .


  • Brainstorm and deliver 8-10 articles per month published on
  • Attend weekly team meetings
  • Recruit, manage, and maintain diverse group of writers for our Features, Gear, and News categories: confirming that submissions align with She Shreds’ editorial voice, that deadlines are met, and constructive feedback is given throughout
  • Ability to see and discuss a topic from multiple angles and present a writing history of your own
  • Work with Editors to update a style guide and writing resource for She Shreds writers to understand and deliver work representative of our mission and voice
  • Managing and scheduling social media promotion for each published article
    • Work with Creative Director to develop appropriate promotional images and
    • Work with Editor in chief on copywriting for all social media materials
  • Build relationships with PR teams and artist management to approve and develop pitches best suited for She Shreds
  • Staying engaged in the pivotal moments and trends for Women in Music and ensuring that She Shreds maintains a leading narrative throughout: Analyzing popular culture, reporting on major changes within the guitar/music industry, staying informed on the issues important to She Shreds that impact our community
    • Doing this ensures that the online editor maintains a relevant voice for She Shreds
  • Writing and maintaining the She Shreds newsletter (schedule currently flexible)
  • Uploading, formatting, and tagging each article on our WordPress backend website


  • Must have at least one year experience in media and content creating
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Well versed in WordPress, Google Analytics, and Google Drive
  • Understanding of Adobe Photoshop Suite
  • Good attention to detail
  • Must be self-driven, self-motivating, capable of giving and receiving constructive feedback, able to work alone and with a small team, understand the abilities and limitations of working with a small staff, eager to grow and create new audiences through digital media
  • In love with music and genuinely have a passion for holding space for womxn/non-binary guitarists & bassists
  • Interested in showcasing womxn guitarists from all over the world, in a spectrum of genres, and backgrounds as well as finding ways to tell these stories honestly and respectfully
  • The ability to organize information, manage time wisely, and meet deadlines is crucial for this position
  • Must have some experience in playing guitar and bass or willing to conduct thorough research on assigned gear topics
  • Capable and eager to develop content campaigns and engaging web series for digital outlets
  • Bonus if you already have PR and management relationships, a team of writers, and industry connections
  • This position is for someone who understands and is passionate about the community that She Shreds seeks to represent and serve

Additional Expectations:

  • Travel for events, conferences, festivals, etc.
  • If Portland based: attending local events, workshops, etc. pertaining to She Shreds interests
  • If Portland based: working in office hours
  • Having a ton of fun with the best team of all time


This position encourages and accepts national submissions, but will be prioritizing Portland, Oregon based candidates.


This part time position is salary based and dependent on level of experience. Expected hours vary from 20-30 hours a week.

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject ONLINE EDITOR: [insert your name] .