She Shreds is pleased to announce our #17 issue, featuring Fanny as the cover artist. Check out some of our content in this issue!

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Cover Story: Fanny

Fanny, lead by Jean and June Millington are blessing our cover story in this issue. Shredding through the 1960s and 1970s, Fanny shares their journey as powerful women making music history.


Independent and true to her vision, Tawiah draws out her story for She Shreds. From working with major labels to reconnecting with her Ghanaian identity, Tawiah is redefining what coming into her own sounds like.

Ex Hex

Ex Hex, the power trio—comprised of vocalist-guitarist and indie rock legend Mary Timony (Helium, Wild Flag), bassist guitarist Betsy Wright (Bat Fangs), and drummer Laura Harris (Aquarium)— are making more than waves this year. Their testing their own creativity with their new album.

In The Pink: Leila Sidi and TunaTone Guitars

Building a pink guitar was risky, but Leila Sidi of TunaTone Guitars was for it. The luthier and business owner isn’t afraid to push boundaries and shares her stories on how she builds guitars.

Table of Contents

15 Scene Report: Calgary

17 In the Pink: Leila Sidi and TunaTone Guitars

21 Use The Mic: Speaking Up About Plastic Waste Reduction

25 A Seat At the Table: The Women in Higher Guitar Education

29 Tawiah

35 Fanny

43 Ex Hex

49 Nilüfer Yanya

55 Sasami

61 Up to Speed: Excercises for Fast Playing

65 Sound Control: Tanukichan

67 Tabs: Fanny

69 Gear Review: Benson Amps

71 Comic

72 Activity Page