She Shreds is proud to announce the “lucky” 13th issue of our magazine, featuring our exclusive cover story on experimental musician Juana Molina.

Photo of Juana Molina by Antonella Arismendi. Cover Design by Lauren Baker.

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Cover Story: Juana Molina
She Shreds’ Cynthia Schemmer interviews the groundbreaking Argentine guitarist/vocalist and actress about her seventh and latest album Halo (Crammed Discs), her signature use of drone and live loops in her music, and why the “lyrics shouldn’t ever disturb the melody.”

Elizabeth Powell of Land of Talk
Following the release of Land of Talk’s third album Life After Youth, Elizabeth Powell speaks to She Shreds about the healing power of music, technical vs. conceptually-driven songwriting, and mixing things up in the studio.

Valerie June
Shamir Bailey speaks to the Memphis-based multi-instrumentalist about the songwriting process behind her blend of genres she calls “organic moonshine roots music,” collaborations, and her favorite banjos.

Wata of Boris
As the guitarist of Japan’s prolific, genre-bending trio Boris, Wata has played an intrinsic role in shaping the last quarter century of heavy rock and psychedelic music. Upon Boris’ 25th anniversary and release of their latest album Dear (Sargent House), Wata shares her thoughts on improvisation, exploration tone, and aesthetics. 

The Vital Role of Women in the Guitar Industry
In the five years since the first issue of She Shreds was published, public discourse on inclusivity and respect for women in popular culture has drastically changed. Following a new study from Fender that shows 50% of new guitar buyers are women, Natalie Baker explores marketing and messaging in the guitar industry, and why it’s time for every gear company to “wake up” and embrace all consumers, regardless of gender.

The Visible Rise of Women and Non-binary People of Color
Bean Tupou interviews a cross-section of activist-minded musicians, writers, and artists about new approaches to engaging with music culture and how mainstream platforms can be utilized to amplify marginalized voices.

She Shreds Issue #12 features:

06 Scene Report: Anchorage, Alaska

08 The History of the Steel Guitar

12 The Vital Role of Women in the Guitar Industry

16 The Visible Rise of Women and Non-binary People of Color

20 Elizabeth Powell of Land of Talk

26 Valerie June

32 Cover Story: Juana Molina

38 Wata of Boris

42 Songwriting: Music Theory Must-Knows

48 Tabs: “Some Are Lakes” by Land of Talk

52 Tabs: “Eras” by Juana Molina

54 Sound Control: Palehound

56 Reviews: Gear

57 Reviews: Albums

58 Comic

59 Crossword

60 Glossary