After nearly a decade together, Nashville’s Those Darlins parted ways earlier this year. About a week after the band finished their farewell tour guitarist/vocalist Jessi “Zazu” Wariner was admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with stage II cervical cancer.

Zazu underwent treatment throughout the summer only to find out this November that the cancer had spread throughout her lymphatic system. Despite the prognosis, which she described in a press statement as “typically what they would call a ‘no cure scenario,’” she remains in good spirits and has continued to create music and visual art.

Zazu has released a video statement to share her story and how her song “Ain’t Afraid,” (which she wrote for Those Darlins’ 2013 album, Blur the Line) has helped give her courage throughout her ordeal. In a bold move (and proverbial middle finger towards the side effects of chemotherapy), she invited friends to shave her head on camera in advance of her next round of treatment.

If you would like to get involved, a YouCaring page has been established to raise funds to help pay for Zazu’s medical expenses. She and her friends have also launched the “Ain’t Afraid (of Cancer)” campaign so people can send words of encouragement under #aintafraid on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, or purchase an “Ain’t Afraid” t-shirt from her online shop (all proceeds will go towards her fundraising goal).

Our thoughts, support, and hugs go out to Jessi today. We #aintafraid!