If it’s the summer of giveaways, might as well giveaway something rad! One lucky winner will get a brand new pedal from the Ernie Ball Expression Pedal Series.

Sleek. Flexible. Innovative. What better way to shred this summer other than with the Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal? It’s designed to not only minimize footprint on your pedal board, but also has FIVE different tremolo waveforms. Can’t forget to mention, its limitless tonal palette just can’t compare to the traditional “on/off” stomp boxes.

If you’re too excited and want to learn more, here are the specs!

The winner of our giveaway contest will get one of these pedals, courtesy of Ernie Ball…so that’s your cue, go and enter to win this already!

Enter to win:


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  3. Enter to win below!

Winner will be e-mailed on Monday, July 2nd. If you don’t live in the USA that’s ok! You can still enter to win but you’ll have to pay shipping price (sorry!) so enter at your own risk!