Formed in Kyoto, Japan in 2010, tricot is an all-woman band comprised of guitarist/vocalist Ikkyu Nakajima, guitarist/vocalist Motoko “motifour” Kida, and bassist/vocalist Hiromi “Hirohiro” Sagane.

Together, they have forged a unique blend of music that merges indie rock and math-y rhythms with pop sensibilities that wouldn’t sound out of place in the Top 40—often served with hints of jazz and prog as well. Despite the technical complexities of their songwriting, tricot’s music is light, spacious, and accessible for practically any listener. It’s a combination that has helped the band grow a following around the world over two album releases (T H E  in 2013, followed by A N D in 2015), a handful of EPs, and tours in both the US and Europe (which included stints opening for The Pixies).

Over the last couple of years, tricot relied on Garage Band and a series of session drummers to provide the beat for their music, A N D and subsequent tours, but for their latest album, 3, they brought in a full time support drummer. The new addition has given them more consistency, and therefore room to focus on their guitars and vocals, resulting in what is arguably their most innovative and compelling work to date.

With 3 available now through Topshelf Records, we asked the members of tricot to share their favorite gear: